Microsoft Edge is commemorating a significant achievement.

The Dev and Canary Insider channels have already had over 1,000 builds travel through them.

The future of Microsoft Edge appears to be bright after the program revealed that it has reached a significant milestone in its development process.

The firm has announced that over a thousand versions of their web browser have been tested through its Dev and Canary Insider channels so far.

Each of these builds contains new features, enhancements, and enhancements to Microsoft Edge, with the goal of making it a smarter and more intuitive piece of software for people all over the globe, as represented by the corresponding build number.

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It was announced on the Microsoft Edge Dev Twitter account as part of the release of version 95.0.1000.0, which was made available for download.

Users will benefit from a number of new features included in the new version, including improved ways for developers to track the performance of their extensions and the option to sign into Partner Center using a personal GitHub profile.

Additionally, the option to sync custom IE mode site lists between devices, an enhanced browser profile sign-in dialog, as well as a number of bug and error improvements, are all included in the latest release. Microsoft Edge version 95.0.1000.0 is currently available for download by users.

Since its initial release in 2015 as the company’s successor for the old Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft Edge has had steady growth in terms of both user base and popularity.

The latest numbers revealed Edge engaged in a fierce struggle with rival Mozilla Firefox, with the latter clawing back market share on its primary competitor, as its 3.55 percent share is currently only behind Edge’s 3.57 percent share, according to the data. Google Chrome, on the other hand, continues to be the market leader, with 64.94 percent of the overall market share, followed by Safari, which has 18.75 percent.

Because Edge is expected to play a major role in Windows 11, which is scheduled to be released in October 2021, it is possible that this struggle may continue for some time.

Since Microsoft is planning a major redesign of Edge, which will ship as the platform’s default browser, the browser’s user base could grow more than ever before. The new interface will be more in line with the new software’s minimalist design, and it is expected to attract more users than ever before.


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