According to a fresh rumor, the iPhone 14 will receive the makeover we’ve all been waiting for.

Some – but not all – of the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera technology is reported to be hidden behind the screen, eliminating the need for a notch.

When the iPhone 13 debuts at the Apple Event on September 14th, it is largely believed to sport a new design with a smaller notch than previous models. Of course, a large number of users are anxious for Apple to finally abandon the notch in its entirety, and many had hoped that 2021 would be the year.

More leakers and insiders are claiming that Apple will shift to an under-screen Face ID system, maybe with a hole-punch camera akin to the finest Android phones, with the iPhone 14 in 2022, which might bring their fantasies to fruition.

That comes courtesy of MacRumors, which claims to have received a leak from a notable display analyst that corresponds to information obtained by leak obtainr Jon Prosser on a regular basis.

According to reports, Apple is testing an under-screen Face ID technology on the iPhone 14 Pro, while the ordinary iPhone 14 models will retain their notch. According to the source, Apple believes that under-screen cameras are not yet up to Apple’s standards, but that the Face ID system might function very well when concealed below the pixels.

That appears to be consistent with Apple’s typical operating procedure. Apple tends to be either the first to introduce new technology because it has been able to develop it more effectively, or the second to introduce new technology because it does not want to make the concessions that early technology versions frequently make.


Under-screen cameras aren’t quite up to the quality of conventional cameras just yet. We express our dissatisfaction with this particular issue in our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 review, which includes the very first one from Samsung, which is grainy and poor. As a result, Apple will not be putting one in until and until those issues are resolved completely. However, because the Face ID system is only scanning infrared dots that have been projected onto your face, it does not require great picture quality — thus it may be possible to place it beneath the screen, providing it does not have an impact on accuracy (which is presumably what Apple is testing).

That leaves Apple free to do away with the notch, which is only the size it is because it houses an infrared dots projector and camera for Face ID, in addition to the normal front camera, as well as the usual front camera. Eventually, the camera will be reduced to a little hole-punch offering, and the anti-notch hordes will be pleased.

According to this disclosure, this is the case in theory. It does make sense that Apple would only include it on the Pro version of the iPhone when it debuts – it’s quite improbable that Apple would reduce the size of the notch in the iPhone 13 and then just utilize that new design for a single year after that release.


Ultimately, it’s all just conjecture at this point – all of these reported ideas may be accurate at this point, but Apple still has time to alter its mind regarding the iPhone 14. However, even if the iPhone 13 design is a disappointment, you will at least have the optimism that next year will bring something fresh.



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