TCL lately introduced its Sweeva line of robotic vacuum, Android Headings had the chance to evaluate the Sweeva 6500. This is among the higher-end designs that the firm provides. Is this an engaging tool, or does it obtain scooped by the competitors? Allow’s discover in this evaluation.

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Cleaning Up

It doesn’t matter just how wise a robo-vacuum cleaner is if it doesn’t, well, vacuum. I utilized the Sweeva 6500 on a timber flooring, and also it had the ability to do a truly great task of getting the dirt and also dust. The home I examined it in gathers a lots of dirt, so the distinction in between in the past and also after I utilize the vacuum cleaner resembles all the time. The tool does a wonderful task at obtaining dirt and also dust out of the hard-to-reach edges.

Sweeva 9

It does a detailed task at cleansing too. The Sweeva separates the location up right into areas or “spaces” and also cleanses them independently. Initially, it lays out the area. After that, it goes back and also forth within that area ensuring to strike fully.

One point I discovered, and also this isn’t actually an issue, is that it would certainly obtain midway through an area and also arbitrarily leap to an additional. After it cleans up the 2nd area, it would certainly after that return and also finish the very first one.

Just like the majority of smaller sized vacuum cleaners, they’re simple to congest with a little bigger items, which took place a little bit greater than I would certainly have suched as. The common dirt and also particles aren’t a trouble. It’s simply when you begin to obtain scraps of paper or cling wrap. They can conveniently support the brush. None had the ability to quit the brush whatsoever, however they obtained stuck and also adversely influenced the cleansing.


The Sweeva 6500 had the ability to browse its method around the home with a high degree of precision. When you initially utilize it, the vacuum cleaner will certainly check the setting as it cleans up. It will certainly draw up the location and also conserve that information for future cleansing.

The Sweeva 6500 utilizes a mix of its LED lights and also physical accident discovery to draw up the location. The front component of the framework presses like a switch. So, when it encounters a things, it presses the front area. This informs the Sweeva to quit and also change its angle.

Sweeva 6

Once it “really feels” its method around the item, it will certainly upgrade the map to show it. With this and also the LED lights, the Sweeva has the ability to quickly browse its method around the home.

The navigating is so great that, on several events, I transformed the tool and also positioned it in a various component of the home. After a couple of rotates, it had the ability to recognize precisely where it was.

The Map

After the Sweeva 6500 draw up the location, you’re able to see it utilizing the TCL application. The application will certainly offer you a leading sight of it, and also it will instantly split the setting right into spaces. You can tailor the spaces by relabeling them and also assigning their shapes and size.

Tailoring the spaces is fantastic since you’re able to send out the vacuum cleaner to tidy private spaces. If you desire the vacuum cleaner to clean up also smaller sized rooms, after that you can mark a little place for it to clean up on the map.

If there are areas you don’t desire the vacuum cleaner to head to, you can mark no-go areas. The Sweeva was proficient at staying clear of these areas however had a little problem periodically. You’ll simply intend to make the location a little larger on the map than it remains in reality.


One intriguing auto mechanic that TCL contributed to this vacuum cleaner is the push-button control. You can access this function on the TCL House application. As you can think, this function allows you by hand manage the vacuum cleaner utilizing the switches on the application.

Sweeva 1

The feature works perfectly, as there’s really little hold-up in between when you push the switch and also when the Sweeva reacts. It’s simply regrettable that there’s no reverse switch on the control UI.

The major complaint that I have is that if the vacuum cleaner is presently auto-cleaning an area or your home, pushing a switch on the controller will certainly create it to terminate that present session. This indicates that you won’t have the ability to promptly manage the vacuum cleaner to take on a little place and also return to the cleansing session. You’ll require to reboot.


The Sweeva 6500 has great battery life. For my use, cleaning up the entire location takes around half an hour. Because time, the vacuum cleaner goes down around 15% of its battery from a complete fee. The location I cleaned up is around 269 square feet. This is with the suction looked to complete, too. It needs to have the ability to take on bigger residences without problem whatsoever.

Voice triggers

One fantastic feature of the TCL Sweeva 6500 is the truth that it features voice triggers. These work to allow you recognize what’s happening with the tool. If the wheel is put on hold, the brush is stuck, the breast container is gotten rid of, the tool is billing, and so on, you’ll obtain a distinct voice action.

Sweeva 5

The TCL House application offers you a lots of alternatives

The TCL House application is actually the driving pressure behind the Sweeva 6500. Utilizing the application, you can modify your spaces, monitor the vacuum cleaner in actual time as it cleans up, situate the tool if it obtains shed, produce a timetable, therefore far more. It’s the main center to manage and also handle the vacuum cleaner, and also it’s a must.

Should you get the TCL Sweeva 6500?

There are a great deal of robo-vacuums on the marketplace, and also much of them go to a greater cost factor than $499.The TCL Sweeva can be viewed as a starter robo-vacuum, however it doesn’t seem like it. You have accessibility to lots of attributes that make it seem like a costs tool. Together with that, it does a wonderful task of cleaning up the location.

Sweeva 4

The only complaints I’d have is that the push-button controls are a little cumbersome, which function reactivates the cleansing procedure. Nevertheless, I extremely suggest that you get this tool.

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