The Last Dream collection, among the biggest franchise business in video gaming background, has actually come to be an epic name amongst players, also amongst ones that have actually never ever played the video game, many thanks to the efficient word-of-mouth promo of its quality.

The franchise business has actually been energetic for over 3 years, with the very first video game showing up in 1987 and also the following version arranged for Summer season 2023.

Nevertheless, if you’re a gamer that hasn’t fallen to the Last Dream collection yet, the large dimension of the franchise business’s collection might come as a little bit of a shock. Last Dream video games number near to three-way numbers, with specifically 95 titles in the collection’ background.

We understand it could be tough to establish where to begin when very first finding the collection, what with there being numerous video games offered. We’re below to aid you with that said little issue, so don’t fret.

In this short article, we’ll inform you all the last dream video games in order of their launch.

The Number Of Gamings in the Dream Gaming Collection?

In completeness, there are 95 video games in the collection of “Last Dream”, yet not every one of them are thought about mainline video games. The majority of them are simply offshoots of the initial collection. The core collection includes simply 15 video games, or 16 if you count Last Dream X-2, the follow up to X, as a different access.

The majority of the video games are simply spin-offs, standalone titles which don’t have any kind of order. This likewise relates to the primary collection order. It can be played in arbitrary order and also doesn’t have any kind of collection to attach. You might be perplexed by the phoned number video games i.e. Last Dream I or Last Dream II, yet that is not the situation. It can be played in any kind of series.

The key collection titles are absolutely unassociated to each other and also there is practically no link in between them. Although, there are some styles and also beast that which collection bring throughout its video games i.e. Moogles, a reoccuring race of animals, or the designer called Sid.  In basic words, you can begin the collection with any kind of video game in the collection without fretting about the series.

All Last Dream Gamings in Order by Launch Day

It is great to understand that the dream video games collection can be played in any kind of order unless it is a straight innovator or follow up to the primary collection. You might pick whatever Last Dream to play because they all occur in their very own distinct worlds.

Lots of people like to begin the collection with VII remake, VI, and also X, and also take place to the various other component of the collection.

Straight follows up to previous video games are generally signified by including a “-2,” such as in Last Dream X-2, a follow up to Last Dream X. When it comes to the follows up, beginning with the initial video game and afterwards mosting likely to the follow up. Offshoots such as Last Dream Methods, the Chocobo collection, and also the Dissidia collection are likewise offered.

However, in this checklist, we have actually just stated the mainline collection i.e. 17 in numbers. Right here’s the checklist of the mainline collection.

1. Last Dream – 1987

Launch day:  December 18th, 1987
Sustained Systems:  NES, MSX, WonderSwan Shade, PlayStation, Video Game Kid Breakthrough, iphone, Android, Playstation Portable, Windows Phone

2. Last Dream II – 1988

Launch day:  December 17th, 1988
Systems:  Famicom, WonderSwan Shade, Playstation, Video Game Kid Breakthrough, Playstation Portable, iphone, Android, Windows Phone

3. Last Dream III – 1990

Launch day:  April 27th, 1990
Systems:  Famicom, NES, Nintendo DS, Wii U, Windows, Android, iphone, Windows Phone, Playstation Portable

4. Last Dream IV – 1991

Launch day:  July 19th, 1991
Systems:  SNES, Playstation, WonderSwan Shade, Gameboy Breakthrough, FOMA 903i/ 703i, Playstation Portable

5. Last Dream V – 1992

Launch day:  December sixth, 1992
Systems:  Super Famicom, Playstation, Gameboy Breakthrough, iphone, Android, Windows

6. Last Dream VI – 1994

Launch day:  April second, 1994
Systems:  SNES, Playstation, Gameboy Breakthrough, Android, iphone, Windows

7. Last Dream VII – 1997

Launch day:  January 31st, 1997
Systems:  Playstation, Windows, Android, iphone, Playstation 4,  Nintendo Switch Over, Xbox One

8. Last Dream VIII – 1999

Launch day:  February 11th, 1999
Systems:  Playstation, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch Over, Playstation 4, Xbox One

9. Last Dream IX – 2000

Launch day:  July 7th, 2000
Systems:  Playstation, Microsoft Windows, iphone, Android, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Over

10. Last Dream X – 2001

Launch day:  July 19th, 2001
Systems:  Playstation 2

11. Last Dream XI – 2002

Launch day:  Might 16th, 2002
Systems:  Playstation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360

12. Last Dream XII – 2006

Launch day:  March 16th, 2006
Systems:  Playstation 2, Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch Over, Xbox One

13. Last Dream XIII – 2009

Launch day:  December 17th, 2009
Systems:  Playstation 3, Xbox 360, iphone, Android, Microsoft Windows

14. Last Dream XIV – 2010

Launch day: August 27th, 2013
Systems:  Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, OS X

15. Last Dream XV – 2016

Launch day:  November 29th, 2016
Systems:  Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Stadia

16. Last Dream VII Remake – 2020

Launch day:  10 April 2020
Systems:  PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows

17. Complete Stranger of Heaven: Last Dream Beginning – 2022

Launch day:  18 March 2022
Systems:  PlayStation 5 and also PlayStation 4

Which “Last Dream” Video Game is the very best?

You have to be questioning which one is the very best last dream video game in the collection. However, there are numerous arguments over the very best video game in the collection. While the majority of followers really feel that Last Dream 7 is the very best of the collection, some internet sites like Metacritic would certainly differ.

Last Dream IX has the greatest rating on Metacritic, with Last Dream VII stone’s throw behind. The  Last Dream VI on the GBA can be found in at a limited 3rd, ranking simply in advance of Last Dream X at 4th. While Last Dream VIII has a greater Metascore, Tips Breakthrough has a far better individual rating, consequently both video games are virtually linked for 5th location.

In conclusion, the very best last dream video game relies on the individual and also there is no all set reckoner for this. So, begin the last dream collection and also allow us understand your finest video game of all.


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