On TikTok, I discovered an exercise suggestion that is truly beneficial.

This TikTok gym trick will come in useful for anyone who is lifting big weights throughout their workout.

Before you can discover any good gym training advise on TikTok, you have to sift through a slew of mirror selfie videos posted on the social media platform. And I do mean a great deal. The other day, after spending what seemed like an eternity watching repetitive FitTok exercise videos, I came across a so-called gym hack that can be used at home or at the gym to speed up the workout process and is simple enough to apply.

Fitness TikTok – or FitTok for short – is a quagmire of Instagram fitness inI got an excellent TikTok exercise suggestion.fluencer rejections, and the material you’ll discover on the platform reflects this. TikTok is a sinkhole of Instagram fitness influencer rejects. There are many videos of people showing their chiseled physiques that are plainly the product of PED usage, which is unfortunate since it will just serve to exacerbate teens’ body image concerns, who are admittedly the primary audience for TikTok.com videos.

Nonetheless, just like with other social media sites, if you dig hard enough, you may discover valuable information on TikTok, just as you do on most others. Consider the following example: did you know that you may use a small bumper plate to make changing weight plates on a barbell more convenient. Such a simple yet great concept that can help to make changeovers much more efficient.

Consider the following scenario: you have just performed a hard deadlift, barbell row, or overhead press exercise, and it is time to remove the plates off the barbell from the rack. The barbell is at your feet, with plates piled high on either side of the bar. To get them off, you have to raise the barbell and wriggle the plates off one by one, which is a time-consuming and inconvenient operation that will take time away from your rest time.

The fact that the barbell is not hung and the weight is resting on the plates is the reason why it is difficult to remove the plates from the machine. Because the plates may move freely on the hanging bar after a bench press session, it is simple to swap plates after a bench press session. So, the question is, how can we quickly move the bar plates off the ground without having to hoist the barbell into a rack first?

In order to remove the bumper plates from the barbell with ease, TikTok recommends rolling the barbell onto a smaller weight plate, which elevates the bumper plates enough to allow them to be removed with ease. One of the most amusing aspects of this method is that it truly works.

I have a barbell at home and perform my deadlifts on the carpeted living room floor, so getting the plates off has been a complete pain in the neck in the past. However, this is no longer the case! It works wonderfully for me to prop under the barbell a pair of smaller, 2.5 kilogram plates that I keep on hand.

To be honest, if you only use dumbbells and kettlebells for your workouts, this advice won’t make much of a difference. However, if you want to grow muscle and weight, you’ll need to start utilizing larger weights, often known as barbells. And, as a result of this method, you’ll be able to alter weights with more ease. Easy-peasy.



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