Android 12 will allow you to play games before they have completed their download.

As part of its Game Developer Summit today, Google revealed a new feature for Android game creators that would reduce the time it takes from the start of a download in the Google Play store to the time it takes the game to open by nearly double – at least on Android 12 devices. It’s quite obvious from the name of the new function, “play as you download,” what this is all about. Players will be able to begin playing the game even before all of the game’s assets have been downloaded.

Modern games are, on average, the largest applications you’ll ever download, and if the download takes more than a few minutes, you may have already moved on to the next TikTok session by the time the game is finally ready to play. With this new function, Google says that it will take less than half the time to load up a game that is around 400MB in size or more. Given that Sony does almost the same thing with PlayStation games, if you’re a console gamer, this entire concept will be quite familiar to you.

This isn’t the first time Google has attempted to make games load more quickly. With “Google Play Instant,” the business already provides a similiar service that allows players to quickly begin playing a game from the Google Play Store after downloading it. The aim behind this, on the other hand, is to entirely eliminate the installation procedure and provide potential gamers with the option to test out a new game immediately.

The new “play as you download” functionality, like Play Instant, is enabled by Google’s Android App Bundle format, which has largely replaced the older APK standard in recent years.



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