Android Automotive, Google’s native operating system for automobiles, has been adapted to an Android tablet computer.

A new native operating system developed by Google is being tested in a small number of automobiles, but the company hopes to extend its presence in the automotive industry. One ingenious programmer, on the other hand, has managed to convert Android Automotive to a tablet.

A Reddit user named TomPratt (via XDA) started a discussion on Android Automotive operating on a Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet, which is now closed. According to the manufacturer, the port “functions wonderfully” and takes advantage of the tablet’s built-in 4G, GPS, microphone, and speakers, among other features. Because Google services for Android Automotive have not yet been made available to the public, the tablet relies on the Aurora Store for its app selection. The port was developed using the LineageOS operating system. Pratt provides the following explanation:


I’ve been experimenting with several Android Automotive builds on my Samsung Tab S5e tablet. It’s been fun. Thanks to the built-in 4G, GPS, microphones, speakers, and other features, it works perfectly in my car.


You may simply personalize your device with your preferred navigation applications, media apps, and so on. However, the true potential is likely to be found in further customizing the operating system and developing some attractive Automotive-specific applications or custom launchers.


What is the benefit of doing this? Although Android Automotive is theoretically a native operating system for automobiles that is meant to manage functions such as air conditioning and heating, this port would not be able to do so. The device would operate as a more advanced version of the basic Android Auto, but it would still be capable of meeting navigational requirements, albeit without Google Maps due to the lack of “Google Automotive Services” on the port in question. In addition, smaller developers that do not have access to automobiles running Android Automotive might test their apps on a tablet that has the operating system transferred over from another platform.



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