Tim Cook Claims 'Android Has 47x More Malware Than iOS'Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO of VivaTech Europe, was the focus of a virtual interview. The interview was conducted by Guillaume Lacroix, the president and creator of the short-form video company, Brout. It lasted about half an hour. It was covered by MacRumors. During the conversation, Cook said Android had 47 times as much malware as iOS.

The CEO explained why iOS and Android are so different in the department. “It has been built in such a manner that we’ve got a single app, namely the App Store, and all apps are checked before they get to the store,” stated Cook. He talked about Apple’s privacy emphasis and even talked about the late Steve Jobs, its predecessor, boss and friend.

CEO Tim Cook of Apple claims Android has 47 times as many viruses as iOS.

“And for many decades, we’ve been focusing on private life,” Cook said. “Steve used to say that privacy is what people sign up for and obtain permission in clear language. And permission should be requested again and again. “We make every effort to live up to it.”

We know from previous interviews that the management is satisfied with the European GDPR, which mandates that firms get the consent of customers to gather their personal data. Cook said even stricter legislation would assist him. “We have always been GDPR supporters,” he added, “and would support us in terms of privacy even more than GDPR since so much has to be done within the data protection community.”

Former President Trump’s guy phoned Tim Apple. “The wording suggested that the present Digital Services Act would require sideloading on ÚTIPHONE DEA. This is an alternative method of obtaining lift applications.Looking at this, it destroys the security of the ÚtreiPhones and a number of the privacy efforts we have implemented in the App Store, with privacy food labels and transparency app tracking forcing consumers to track applications.”

Apple has been called out for allowing “scotchy” applications from the App Store by the Flick Type creator, Kosta Eleftheriou.

“Cook continues, “I’m excited about AR because I see it as a technology that has the potential to vastly improve people’s lives.”First, our iPhones and iPads were used for AR, and subsequently, in terms of our goods, we’ll see where it goes. The point is that the lives of individuals can be enriched. I am enthusiastic about AI and the opportunity to take away something that keeps people down at work and gives people free time. “

Going back to malware and application privacy, while Google showed a worrying absence of malware capture on Android applications, Flick Type creator Kosta Eleftheriou phoned Apple a number of times to let scammy apps into the App Store. One example is an app that is a basic kids’ app with games to play on the surface. However, the app has become a casino that accepts real currency and makes real cash payments when a VPN is installed.

Recently, US legislators have also attacked Apple for favoring its own App Store apps above those of the competition.

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