Android users are oversleeping as a result of a flaw in Google Clock.

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, you may want to avoid relying on the Google Clock app for a time.

Reddit users have claimed that the app is simply choosing not to bother waking them up at the time they’ve chosen, allowing them to sleep in a bit longer than they’d planned.


As nice as that gesture appears to be in principle, the app is not responsible for any of the repercussions, such as being fired from a job for being late.

The problem is, naturally, quite distressing for people who come across it, and this is beginning to be reflected in the Google Play Store ratings, where a rush of one-star reviews is beginning to drive the app’s overall average rating down.

The fact that there does not appear to be any consistency between the use cases makes it much more difficult to pinpoint the problem. On the original Reddit topic, some claim that the alarm only fails when the phone is placed face down, but others claim that it fails even when the phone is placed face up.


In addition, while the vast majority of damaged devices appear to be Google Pixel smartphones, phones from other manufacturers are occasionally also affected.


In another Reddit post, a Google employee appears to imply that the problem may be connected to using Spotify to wake you up, and that you might consider switching to a default noise setting. However, following responses indicate that this will not be effective for everyone, since some patients are already attempting to do so.

The Google employee, on the other hand, does at least imply that assistance is on the way. “We’ve discovered a remedy and will be implementing it as soon as possible,” the account writes.


We can only hope that is true – but some would argue that advising deactivating Spotify to those who don’t use Spotify doesn’t smack of someone who is entirely on top of the problem. But what are you supposed to do in the meantime?


The quickest option is to download one of the numerous alternative free alarm clock applications available on the Google Play Store, which are all accessible for download. This appears to function perfectly, and there are a plethora of options to select from.


Heavy sleepers may want to use Alarmy, a diabolical software that requires you to complete chores and riddles before it will stop shrieking, to guarantee that you do not fall asleep during the wake-up call.


Of course, there are less masochistic choices accessible as well.


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