APEX Legends Mobile beta begins in the spring of 2021, only on Android

Two years after it was officially revealed, Apex Legends Mobile has finally made its way to Android gadgets, the Electronic Arts distributor stated today. Even though this game has not been prepared for the ideal timing, players from certain countries will be allowed to test out amazing games against other battle royale games on their Android gadgets.

Apex Legends is coming to mobile devices and phones - Polygon

Alongside other trailers for PC / support games, EA found that soon, the main provincial beta test for Apex Legends Mobile will be showing in select countries. Initially, only a few thousand parts in India and the Philippines will be recognized in the beta program, but the beta will expand to other countries on a consistent basis.

EA confirmed that the first closed beta test in Indonesia and the Philippines might be accessible on an Android gadget. However, as designers continue testing, iOS support will be in place, so stay tuned for more on this one.

Those of you who have already played Apex Legends on PC or are sure should be aware that the versatile variant does not highlight cross-play as it has been specially designed for simpler screens. On the bright side, Apex Legends Mobile, actually like the first game, will be allowed to play and will never include paid stuff that will offer players an interactivity advantage.

Class devotees will be satisfied knowing that they really want to unlock decent prizes through the Battle Pass, such as collecting beauty agents and unlockable one of a kind accessible to both PC and convenience players.

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