Is a new iPad on the way at the Apple Event next week? According to the iPad 8 stock shortage, this is the case.

It appears that Apple’s iPad 10.2-inch (2020) may be in short supply both online and in stores, with shipment dates on Apple’s online shop sliding to 3-6 weeks on average. Despite the fact that Apple has not said why this may be the case, it is possible that an upgrade to the company’s least costly eighth-generation tablet is in the works.

The announcement comes ahead of Apple’s event next week. All of the 10.2-inch iPad models are presently only advertised as being available for delivery in October – and some are even entirely unavailable during that time period.

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It appears that shipping delays may push the debut of the eighth-generation iPad into October, affecting deliveries in the United States as well as causing disruption in Japan, China, and a number of European nations.

According to Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman, Apple has instructed its retail staff “not to speculate why to customers” in connection to stock shortages. Apple has not responded to the claim. “Any suggestions as to why?” Gurman asks in a humorous manner. Gurman appears to be referring to prior speculations that a newly-designed low-cost iPad might be on the horizon, according to Bloomberg. This tablet, which is equipped with an upgraded A-series CPU, is likely to follow the eighth-generation iPad as Apple’s most reasonably priced tablet, sitting at the other end of the spectrum from Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021).


Never let that deceive you, though; 4GB of RAM, Touch ID authentication, and a Lightning connector should be more than enough to put a stop to any notions that this isn’t a serious iPad. It is worth noting that both the Apple’s seventh-generation and eighth-generation iPad models were released in September of previous years, and that they are often targeted at kids because school begins in September.

The stage has now been prepared for the introduction of a new iPad, alongside a slew of other exciting debuts, including the iPhone 13 range, an Apple Watch Series 7, and, more than likely, a new pair of AirPods. Keep an eye out for more information.



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