We have a completely different MagSafe-viable case on the Apple Store today, as the official events are over.

The Macintosh online website was down recently a few hours paving the way to today’s opportunity, where we found lots of interesting stuff about the upcoming iPad Pro 2021, AirTags, and the sky is the limit from there. When the event is over, the site returns, revealing lots of new treats available for purchase to decorate your little iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12.


Charger MagSafe iPhone 12 Bisa Digunakan di Android | merdeka.com

The first is a case, with two newbies in the Leather Case lineup, and three new Silicone Cases.

The Leather Case currently incorporates a Deep Violet color, available for the iPhone 12/12 Pro, and the small iPhone.

For the Silicone Case, we have a dynamic summer cantaloupe, Amethyst, and for the smaller than expected iPhone 12 – Pistachio, presented below.

We also have another cowhide shell color shipped for the iPhone 12 smaller than expected: Dark Purple, same as the Leather Case.

Fun fact: while none of the new jewelery above were referenced during the Apple event, we got another unusual statement that the smaller than usual iPhone 12 and 12 will be getting a completely different color, starting April 30th. That gives us even more options to mix and match with a new color case, if you don’t already have an iPhone 12 and plan on redesigning it.

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