A solution has been found to the production issues with the Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple has been able to fix the production issues that have been plaguing the Watch Series 7 over the past week. That’s according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an expert who was quoted by MacRumors as saying.

Kuo detailed this in detail in an investor note: “The panel side of the Apple Watch 7 is where the majority of the production issues have occurred. Although the problem was rectified, bulk manufacturing of panel modules would not commence until the middle of September.”

The new display panel, which substitutes the current cable connection with a “contact design,” appears to have been the source of the production problem. It indicates that for the first time, Apple has mandated low injection pressure overmolding (LIPO) in the production of the Watch series. There was also a dependability issue with the new OLED display when it was being manufactured, which resulted in flashing screens and touch insensitivity.

As previously stated, Apple had anticipated that full manufacturing of the Series 7 would begin in mid-September, but because the panels would not be ready until then, Kuo believes it will now occur later in the month. In the end, it implies that the production delay was just a few of weeks rather than many months.

Apple Watch Series 7 is believed to feature a drastically different design from the Series 6, to the point that manufacturers are having difficulty manufacturing it. Original 9/1:

Three insiders have stated that the increased complexity is making it difficult to build each smartwatch, as reported by Nikkei Asia. The Series 7 design is “complicated,” according to the publication. Initial manufacturing runs have been halted as a result of the difficulties encountered, and Apple is collaborating with its suppliers to find a solution to the issues.

Apple isn’t known for divulging information about new products before they are released, but the increased intricacy of the design is assumed to be due to the increased number of capabilities that have been crammed into the small watch body. A new architecture of electrical modules will be used in the Series 7, and manufacturers will need to learn how to put them together in a method that is rapid enough for mass production while also assuring low failure rates.

Mass production had been scheduled to begin in mid-September, but a source told Nikkei that “Apple and its suppliers are working around the clock to resolve the difficulties, but it is presently difficult to predict when mass production would begin.”



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