Chrome 93 resolves the most serious issue with Android applications on your Chromebook.

Most Chrome OS devices are now running Chrome 93, which is a very minor upgrade for owners of the top Chromebooks. Chrome 93 is available for download through the Chrome Web Store.

Following the introduction of Chrome 93 for mobile devices, the update for Chome OS is rather minor, offering only a few enhancements to the overall quality of life.

Improvements in window management for Android apps are one aspect that Chrome OS users might find useful. Chromebooks running Android 11 will automatically start Android apps in their “specified orientations,” and users will be able to resize apps using a new UI that displays when hovering over the top section of the app window. Android 11 will be available in the United States in the coming months.

Because Chromebook compatibility is still a work in progress, the new resizing lock should make it easier for Android mobile applications to run smoothly on Chromebooks by switching them to phone or tablet orientations.

Google is also emphasizing a handful of enhancements to the Tote function, which was launched with Chrome 87 and has since been updated. In the “Downloads” area of Tote, you will now find the files saved from the Scans app, as well as reports from the Diagnostics app, which is intended to diagnose Chromebook issues.

Additionally, later this year, Chrome OS users will be able to monitor the download status of their files on both the Shelf and in Tote, and they will be able to simply delete previews from the Shelf by right-clicking on them.

Additionally, a battery status icon for stylus pens has been added to the Stylus menu on the Shelf, as has increased video playback speed in the media player, as well as improvements to grammar/spell check and the keyboard input settings, which now include Material You stylings and make it easier to customize the keyboard from the system settings.

Picture-in-picture mode will also receive a minor aesthetic upgrade, with softened corners, and Chrome 93 users will likely notice improved RAM management, among other minor enhancements.

Chrome 93 should be available on the majority of Chrome OS devices right now. Even though you’ll most likely receive a notification when the update is ready to be installed on your Chromebook, you can always check to see which version of Chrome OS is currently installed on your device and force the update if it hasn’t yet been installed, although it may take several days to be installed on your device.



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