What you require to understand

  • The Fitbit Feeling 2 and also Versa 4 strangely enough have their Wi-Fi features impaired.
  • Both watches likewise do not have songs playback regulates along with non-exist offline songs storage space.
  • For the time being, customers can still use both watches’ Bluetooth 5.0 connection for their watch’s software program updates and also various other modification choices.

Fitbit’s lately released Feeling 2 and also Versa 4 have actually relatively shed Wi-Fi capacities along with various other missing out on attributes.

The interested specification listing was found by 9to5Google, disclosing that the Feeling 2 and also Versa 4 have had their Wi-Fi features impaired. This can be located in the watches’ spec listings under the “Sensing units and also Parts” area, where Fitbit has actually kept in mind that Wi-Fi has actually been “shut down, cannot be activated” after detailing the tool’s Wi-Fi ability.

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