Chrome OS update that caused users to be locked out of their Chromebooks is to be fixed by Google, according to a report.

Google has withdrawn the most recent Chrome OS version that was causing customers to be locked out of their Chromebooks owing to a severe problem and has announced the creation of a patch that will be released later today, according to the company (July 21). The problem began to manifest itself when customers installed Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.165. It prevented users from entering into their accounts on Chromebooks once the software had been installed. When the update was applied, several users reported that their devices were bootlooping and that they were unable to reach even the lock screen.

Google recognized the issue on its system status page and stated that its engineering team has temporarily paused the deployment of the update until the issue was resolved. In addition, the business pledged to produce a new version that would address the problem.

According to Android Central, a flaw in the Chrome OS update was preventing users from logging back into their Chromebooks after installation, and in other circumstances, the bug was causing Chromebooks to bootloop completely.

Although Google has stated that a new Chrome OS update would be released to address the issue, the company has also given a handful of workarounds to temporarily alleviate the issue. Users may “powerwash” their Chromebooks, which essentially means that they must do a factory reset on their device, according to the firm. This, however, will erase all of the data that has been saved locally.

It is necessary to roll back the update with a recovery USB key for those who are unable to access the lock screen at all owing to the bootlooping issue. This will also remove any local data that has been stored on the computer.

Users who are affected by the update must either leave their Chromebooks on the login screen so that the update may be downloaded via auto-update or manually update their Chromebooks after entering into Guest Mode once the update is ready.



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