Google Bookmarks will be decommissioned on September 30th, however this will have no effect on browser bookmarks.

The Google Bookmarks service will be discontinued completely on September 30. On the Google Bookmarks website, a banner has been posted stating that the service will no longer be maintained by Google after the date specified in the banner. Since its introduction in 2005, the service has not been utilized by a large number of users. The company also stated that the discontinuation of Google Bookmarks will not have an impact on users’ browser bookmarks or highlighted places on Google Maps, which is particularly noteworthy. If necessary, these bookmarks can be stored to a separate location.

When the Google Bookmarks service was shut down, it was discovered and posted on Twitter by the Killed by Google community. On the bookmarking page, Google shows a notice that states, “After September 30th, 2021,” Google Bookmarks will no longer be supported. It also states that users may save their bookmarks by selecting “Export bookmarks” from the drop-down menu. Check to check if you have any bookmarks saved on this page.


When Google Bookmarks first appeared in 2005, it was a rather sophisticated tool for its time. In addition to a cloud storage service allowing users to keep their bookmarks, it also included annotating capabilities – notes and labels – that assisted users in searching for and categorizing information stored on the website. Additionally, a bookmarklet driven by JavaScript was available, which allowed users to quickly and efficiently store bookmarks from their browser.

If consumers discover a large amount of information on the Google Bookmarks website that they did not save, it is likely that the information was stored by a Maps application. Also possible is that Google was synchronizing or partially saving Google Maps data on the website at the time of the incident. A noteworthy feature is that just the highlighted places from Google Maps have been saved on the website.


In addition, it is important to note that users’ Maps data will not be lost, as a Google representative stated “Locations marked with a star in Google Maps aren’t going anywhere. All of your highlighted locations will stay intact, and you will continue to be able to save locations to a list in the same manner that you have in the past.”



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