Google has updated Gmail to include support for direct voice and video calls, as well as a new look.

Gmail is one of the emailing systems that is extensively used all over the world, and it is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Google’s Gmail is receiving a handful of new features to keep customers from abandoning the service! One such significant improvement is the addition of voice and video calling capabilities to Gmail. To put it another way, you will soon be able to make voice and video calls to your Gmail contacts.

Gmail Voice and Video Calls will be available soon.
Google is releasing a number of new features throughout its platform, including a couple of new capabilities for Gmail, among other things. The company hopes to improve additional workplace features across all of its applications with the upgrade. Gmail is on its way to become much more than just an email service. As an alternative, you may now make direct voice and video calls to any of your Gmail contacts, even those using the Gmail mobile app.

At the moment, Google Meet is specifically designed for this purpose. Through Google Meet, you may communicate with your Google contacts via voice and video conversations. However, the upgraded feature on Gmail will now directly link your calls via Google Meet – but only within the Gmail app. This is a significant improvement over the previous version.

Gmail has been steadily evolving into a centralized center for all of Google’s work-related services. If one looks closely, one will see that all of Google’s programs have some means of interacting with Gmail, making it simple for users to connect with or use it with a single click or tap. For example, you can use Gmail to create a calendar, personal or group chats, video conferences, and a variety of other functions.

Gmail is getting yet another makeover.
In addition to the ability to make direct video and audio conversations using Gmail, Google has updated its emailing platform with yet another makeover. Gmail has new functionality for Spaces and Google Calendar as part of this update. As an added bonus, Gmail users may utilize the Meet app in Companion mode. This enables you to make advantage of the audio-visual settings available in your conference room.

The Gmail upgrade has transformed the program into a one-stop shop for a variety of tasks. Going ahead, you will be able to make calls using Gmail, just as you would on a VOIP service such as Google Duo or Skype. This also enhances Gmail’s ability to compete with rival applications such as Microsoft Outlook or even Zoom. It should be noted that Zoom had plans to launch an emailing service to compete with Google’s Gmail.



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