Pixelbook Go? Even More like Pixelbook Gone

Google’s very own Chromebook offerings have actually constantly been rather aspirational, including premium layout and also costly parts powered by an os that, while significantly totally included, can not take advantage of raw horse power the method a Windows equipment could be able to. That technique, it appears, has actually reached Google, as a brand-new record from The Brink clarifies that not just has an in-development Pixelbook tool been terminated, yet that the business is relatively ended up making laptop computers for the near future.


Pointing out an unrevealed resource with details, The Brink states the (currently terminated) upcoming Pixelbook was well right into advancement, yet that the job was shelved amidst broader cost-cutting at Google. The group that was accountable for constructing the laptop computer has actually supposedly been reassigned to various other jobs within the business. When grabbed remark by The Brink, Google decreased, claiming it “doesn’t share future product plans.”

The Pixelbook lineage can be traced back nearly a decade to the Chromebook Pixel, released in 2013 (as the first Google hardware to bear the Pixel name). It featured an Intel Core i5 CPU paired with four gigs of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage. The first proper Pixelbook, a striking, slim convertible, came in 2017. While it had its share of ardent supporters, its four-figure price tag and lackluster tablet experience held it back. The following year, the tablet-first Pixel Slate arrived to almost universally cold reception.

The $649 Pixelbook Go, Google’s attempt at a more traditional laptop, arrived in the fall of 2019 — and like its predecessors, was largely seen as a handsome but impractical alternative to many similarly equipped laptops available at the time. It turns out that laptop was potentially the last Google would ever make.

Last year, Google’s Retail Partner Manager for Chromebooks Chrys Tsolaki confirmed that no new Pixelbook hardware would arrive in 2022, adding that he was unsure beyond that point.

With form factors that shifted wildly from generation to generation and a high premium placed on form over function, it’s not entirely surprising the Pixelbook line has been abandoned. Still, this does not necessarily spell doom for Google-built Chromebooks for all time. The company infamously swore off building its own tablets after the spectacular failure of the Pixel Slate, and also now, three years later, we’ve got official confirmation that we’re getting a Pixel-branded tablet computer powered by a Tensor CPU at some time in the future.

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