Google Nest displays now include a new function that allows you to check the air quality in your neighborhood.

The Google Home app now includes temperature widgets and weather condition data, in addition to other features.

With the recent addition of a new air quality monitoring capability to the smart displays of the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, you may be able to improve your overall health and well-being.

Users will now be able to find a new Air Quality option in the Google Home app’s device settings, which can be found beneath the photo frame menu. There are also no surprises in terms of what it does: the Air Quality function provides information about the quality of the air in your immediate vicinity.

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The upgrade comes on the heels of Google’s recent statement that the Nest Hub would soon begin to display Air Quality Index (AQI) statistics in devices in the United States through the Google Home application. Some users have now discovered the option, however 9to5 has yet to do so. “The real reading has not yet been extensively implemented on Smart Displays,” according to Google’s study.

Those who have seen the Air Quality badge appearing on their smart displays, as well as new temperature widgets and meteorological data, have reported that the setting does not need to be changed manually at any point in time. As a result, there is no need to configure it ahead of time, making it quite convenient.

The air quality reports (in all their color-coordinated, bar-chart splendor) of the “three or so adjacent stations” may then be viewed by users after the feature has been activated. You may, of course, go on to expand the reports and go further into the metrics that the reports provide after that.

Voice commands may also be used to trigger the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max to vocally give the reports, which is what you could anticipate from smart gadgets of this caliber and sophistication. However, depending on how the new feature is welcomed by the community, we don’t expect to hear a lot of critical criticism about it. However, you never know in the fast-paced world of the best smart speakers how things will turn out.



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