In new advertisements, Google teases the Pixel 6 and a probable debut date for the device.

Google has released a teaser image for the Pixel 6 only a day after releasing the fifth and likely last Android 12 beta version of the software. In the 30-second video, Google provides a brief but comprehensive overview of the Pixel 6’s design, as well as the many colors that will be offered. It also showcases the new Material You theme that will be included in Android 12 as well as the newly redesigned new widgets.

Google also managed to sneak in a glimpse of their new Tensor SoC, which will be used to power the Pixel 6 series, into the film. What if smartphones weren’t simply smart? That is the question posed by Google in the teaser. “What if your phone recognized you for who you really are?” With its “learning,” “developing,” and “adapting” characteristics, the Google Pixel 6 appears to be the solution to this problem, at least for the time being.

As part of its marketing campaign, Google also posted a Pixel 6 teaser on Instagram with the phrase “Certified Pixel Lovers.” According to the ‘Made by Google’ Instagram account, the multiple Material You Android 12 widgets on the Pixel 6 can be seen in the image below.



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