Google’s own Chromebook processors might be available as early as 2023.

According to a recent report from Nikkei Asia on Google’s growing emphasis on building its own processors, the company’s own chips might extend beyond the Pixel 6 to Chromebook laptops and tablets as early as 2023.

The firm is already planning to ship its first big custom processor this autumn, which will be the Tensor SoC found in the forthcoming Pixel 6 smartphone. Also consistent with reports from 2020 that Google was developing its own Chromebook processors after introducing the concept on Pixel phones — something that we now know is occurring in a few weeks, thanks to the story from The Information.

There are some other specifics in the Nikkei Asia story, including the aforementioned 2023 release date; confirmation that the Chromebook CPUs, like the Tensor chip, would be based on Arm; and that Google is aiming to create them for both laptop and tablet-style form factors.

No information is provided in the report regarding the future of Google’s proprietary Chromebook processors. After releasing the Pixelbook Go (the only Google-built Chromebook that the business presently offers) almost two years ago, as well as the underwhelming Pixel Slate nearly three years ago, the company has been quiet on the tablet front.

It is unclear what Google hopes to accomplish with its Chromebook chips (in comparison, the company’s Tensor chip for Pixels appears to be primarily focused on artificial intelligence performance), but the Nikkei Asia report notes that the company was particularly inspired by Apple’s success in custom chips for both its iPhone and Mac products. And, while it may be years before it becomes a reality, the thought of Google achieving a similar accomplishment to Apple’s M1 processors for Chromebooks appears to be a very interesting prospect to consider.



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