Android 13 period is formally upon us. The most up to date model of Android brings with it some fresh UI adjustments and also lots of valuable functions. For the Google Pixel 6 household, the secure Android 13 upgrade additionally incremented the anti-rollback variation in the bootloader of these tools. Therefore, you can’t blink back an older Android 12 construct after updating to Android 13.

  • The Pixel 6 household of tools has actually obtained brand-new bootloader updates with the secure Android 13 OTA.
  • The bootloader upgrade increments the anti-rollback variation on these phones.
  • Changing back to Android 12 isn’t feasible because of anti-rollback defense.

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Pixel 6 Pro

Why does my Google Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a require an updated bootloader?

The rollback defense on the Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and also the Pixel 6a is emerged with digital integrates (eFuses). An eFuse resembles a write-once flash. As soon as you turn those little bits by creating something right into them, there’s no going back. After “blowing” an eFuse, it’ll remain created keeping that worth permanently.

In order to squash a variety of assault vectors, Google delivered a brand-new collection of bootloader for the 6th generation Pixel phones with the secure Android 13 OTA that stops older alterations of Android from being packed onto these tools. The pertinent eFuse must blow and also increments the rollback index just after an effective boot of Android 13. The brand-new bootloader variation, the bumped-up rollback index worth, and also the blown eFuse state ought to suffice to obstruct any kind of pre-Android 13 firmware to be blinked later.

Just how can I inform if my Google Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a currently has the upgraded bootloader?

A bootloader, necessarily, is a program that lots an os, or chain-loads an additional bootloader when a tool is switched on. Google’s Fastboot energy provides a very easy means to inquire the bootloader variables of an Android tool from a computer system. To do so, we require too the target Pixel phone to its bootloader user interface.

  1. Ensure that you have the current variation of ADB and also Fastboot energies set up on your PC/Mac/Chromebook.
  2. On your phone, most likely to Setups > Regarding phone > Construct number and also faucet on this access 7 times to allow Designer choices.
  3. After allowing it, return to the primary setups web page and also faucet on System, after that most likely to Designer choices.
  4. Activate USB debugging.
  5. Attach your Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, or Pixel 6a to your computer system utilizing a USB cord.
  6. Open up an incurable home window and also kind the complying with command to inspect if your tool is spotted or otherwise:
    adb tools

    You might require to verify the identification of the host computer for the very first time.

  7. If the tool is linked, you ought to see its identification number.
  8. As soon as whatever prepares, run the complying with command to reboot to the bootloader setting:
    adb reboot bootloader
  9. Your phone ought to reboot to bootloader setting (additionally referred to as “Fastboot setting”).
  10. Currently, kind the complying with command to inspect if the target tool is spotted by your computer in the bootloader setting:
    fastboot tools

    If you’re utilizing Windows on your computer, after that you might require to mount the current Google USB chauffeurs.

  11. To understand the bootloader variation, perform the command discussed listed below:
    fastboot getvar version-bootloader

    fastboot getvar version-bootloader

Following, describe the complying with table and also match the bootloader variation with the outcome you obtained:

It is additionally feasible to inquire the bootloader variation from the userspace Fastboot user interface (also known as fastbootd). To do so, reboot the tool utilizing adb reboot fastboot, after that perform the very same fastboot getvar version-bootloader command.

In situation you don’t have a computer close by, after that you can acquire the bootloader variation right from the phone itself. Initially, shut off your Google Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a and also press the Quantity Down and also Power switches for a number of secs. Launch them when the Fastboot setting shows up. You ought to have the ability to situate the bootloader variation on the display.

Google Pixel 6a bootloader version in Fastboot mode on Android 13

It states I have a various bootloader variation, so does that mean I can return to Android 12?

If the bootloader variation of your Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a is various from the one received the previously mentioned table, after that you’re most likely running a beta construct of Android 13 or an older secure network construct of Android 12.

While you might attempt to return back to Android 12 with a reduced variation of the bootloader, it is not advised. For safety and security and also compatibility factors, you ought to take the secure Android 13 OTA to update the bootloader in addition to the underlying firmware little bits of your tool.

If you’re preparing to carry out a hands-on flash, after that guarantee that the dividers pictures of secure Android 13 software program are blinked to both ports. A bootloader variation inequality in between the A and B ports suffices to block the tool. There is no well-known means to revitalize a hard-bricked Google Tensor-powered tool like the Google Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a yet, so workout care prior to trying a hands-on upgrade.

Just how to securely update the bootloader on my Google Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a?

To prevent a tough block circumstance, you ought to blink the bootloader dividers to the non-active port after effectively upgrading and also starting right into Android 13 at the very least as soon as. This ought to remove the possibility of a variation inequality, specifically if you are blinking a Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, or Pixel 6a with a secure Android 13 construct for the very first time.

Alternative 1 (utilizing recovery/OTA pictures):

After an effective boot right into Android 13, download and install the complete OTA photo representing that construct. Next off, sideload it from supply healing and also reboot the tool to guarantee that both ports have the very same bootloader variation.

Alternative 2 (utilizing manufacturing facility pictures):

Individuals that updated to Android 13 by blinking the manufacturing facility photo after opening the bootloader must choose this alternative. After an effective boot right into Android 13 for the very first time,

  1. Examine the presently energetic port:
    adb reboot fastboot
    fastboot getvar current-slot

    If the outcome returns the current-slot as “a,” your energetic port must be “a” and also the various other port is “b.” Otherwise, after that your energetic port is “b” and also the various other port is “a.”
  2. Remove the materials of the manufacturing facility photo ZIP documents and also situate the bootloader photo in the removed documents. It must be called as “bootloader-[device codename]-[platform codename]-[major version]-[minor version].img.”
    • For the Pixel 6 and also 6 Pro, the system codename is “slider,” whereas for the Pixel 6a, it’s “bluejay.”
      Google Pixel 6 series factory firmware bootloader image
  3. Currently, we require to blink the bootloader to both ports.
    1. If your energetic port is ‘a’
      fastboot --port=various other flash bootloader bootloader_filename.img
      fastboot set_active b
      fastboot reboot bootloader
      fastboot set_active a
      fastboot reboot bootloader
      fastboot reboot
    2. If your energetic port is ‘b’
      fastboot --port=various other flash bootloader bootloader_filename.img
      fastboot set_active a
      fastboot reboot bootloader
      fastboot set_active b
      fastboot reboot bootloader
      fastboot reboot
  4. That’s all.

As you can see, there’s no scarcity of the numerous different methods you can inspect the underlying bootloader variation of your Pixel 6, 6 Pro, or 6a. Ought to you choose to allow the system look after itself or mount the upgraded bootloader by hand, pick the most effective approach for your demands.

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