What to Know

  • Windows: Making use of Alt trick: kind 24 (up), 25 (down), 26 (right), or 27 (left), as well as launch Alt to produce the arrowhead.
  • Mac: Open up the Personality Visitor, choose Arrowheads left wing, as well as double-click an arrowhead on the right.
  • Android/iPhone: Android: Numerical key-board > hold caret icon > pick arrowhead. apple iphone: Usage emoji key-board.

This post clarifies just how to make an arrowhead utilizing your key-board on a Windows Computer, Mac, Android, as well as apple iphone. 

Make an Arrowhead in Windows

You can make an arrowhead making use of a key-board faster way on Windows, yet you’ll require either a numerical keypad or the NumLock trick. 

The NumLock trick can normally be discovered on the top right of the key-board or affixed to a Feature vital depending upon your key-board.

  1. In the paper you desire an arrowhead: Hold the Alt trick as well as get in among the adhering to number mixes depending upon the arrowhead you desire:

    • Up arrowhead: 24
    • Down arrowhead: 25
    • Right arrowhead: 26
    • Left arrowhead: 27

  2. Launch the Alt trick after you get in the number as well as you’ll after that see your arrowhead in your paper.

  3. The arrowheads can be replicated as well as pasted like routine message right into any kind of paper that approves message.

Utilize the Personality Map

If you don’t have a numerical keypad or the NumLock trick, you can place an arrowhead icon making use of the Personality Map on Windows.

  1. Open up the Personality Map making use of Begin Windows Add-on, your Browse box, or with Cortana.

  2. With the device open, seek the up, down, right, or left arrowhead you intend to utilize.

    To accelerate the procedure, you can inspect package for Advanced sight near the bottom, get in “arrowhead” right into the Look For box, as well as click Browse.

  3. When you see the arrowhead you intend to utilize, pick it as well as click Select. This relocate to the Personalities to duplicate box. 

  4. Select Replicate.

  5. Most likely to your paper, location your arrow where you desire the arrowhead, as well as press Ctrl + V to paste it.

Make an Arrowhead on Mac

Unlike Windows, Mac doesn’t provide a faster way for making an arrowhead with your key-board. Nevertheless, you can utilize the Personality Visitor to place an arrowhead right into your paper, note, or e-mail.

  1. To open up the Personality Visitor, most likely to Edit > Emoji & Symbols in the food selection bar or utilize the key-board faster way Command + Control + Area.

  2. When the Personality Visitor opens up, choose Arrowheads left wing.

    You’ll after that see a big collection of arrowheads on the ideal sectioned by instructions consisting of right, left, up, down, double-sided arrowheads, as well as various alternatives.

  3. Select the arrowhead you intend to utilize and after that either drag it right into your paper or double-click to put it in the paper where your arrow rests.

Make an Arrowhead on Android

If you’re inputting on your Android gadget as well as require an arrowhead, you’ll enjoy to recognize that the key-board can suit you fairly conveniently.

  1. With your paper open, put your arrow where you desire the arrowhead as well as press the ?123 vital to open up the numerical key-board

  2. Next off, press the =/< key to display additional symbols.

  3. Press and hold the caret key which is in the second row.

  4. You’ll see a small toolbar display above the caret key with left, up, down, and right arrows. Slide your finger to the arrow you want and release.

Make an Arrow on iPhone

On an iPhone, you use the emoji keyboard to place an arrow.

  1. Tap either the Emoji button on the bottom left of the keyboard or the Globe key and choose Emoji.

  2. In the search field at the top of the emoji keyboard, enter “arrow.”

  3. You’ll then see directional arrows inside of squares. These include, up, down, left, right, and more options like double, circular, and diagonal.

    Tap to insert the one you want into your document.


    If you only want a right or left arrow, you can use the numeric keyboard on your iPhone. For a right arrow, type two hyphens with a greater than symbol or for a left arrow, type a less than symbol with two hyphens.


  • How do I make accents on a keyboard?

    To type accent marks on Windows, choose Num Lock, hold Alt, then enter the appropriate number code. On Mac, long press the letter, then choose a mark in the accent menu. On mobile devices, long press the letter, then slide your finger to the accented letter and release.

  • Where is the little up arrow on my keyboard?

    The caret (the little up arrow) is the symbol above the 6 key on a standard QWERTY keyboard. Press Shift+6 to type a caret.

  • How do I unlock my arrow keys?

    If you can’t move between cells with the arrow keys in Excel or a similar program, you need to turn off Scroll Lock (ScrLk).

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