The initial launch of Android didn’t consist of access options. Yet, Google has actually gradually included increasingly more access functions to its system over the previous years. In 2018, Google launched Voice Accessibility, a means to regulate your mobile phone utilizing simply your voice. While it was remarkable at that time, it came to be also much better with Android 11. Luckily, as a result of these enhancements, we can currently establish an Android mobile phone utilizing Voice Accessibility. To get begun, on the first arrangement display, you will certainly wish to choose the Assistive choices food selection as well as faucet on Establish with your voice. For the functions of this tutorial, we will certainly be utilizing a Google Pixel 6a, however the procedure ought to resemble any type of Android gadget with Google Mobile Providers.

On the following display, it will certainly clarify Voice Accessibility, which is an Android Availability solution that aids regulate your gadget utilizing speech. You can talk to kind, scroll, as well as also touch switches. Under right-hand edge, there will certainly be a switch, press it to activate Voice Accessibility. Prior To Voice Accessibility is made it possible for, there will certainly be a display discussing just how it functions.

While the display gets on, there will certainly be a blue mic symbol on the display which suggests the phone is paying attention to your commands. While Google advises having Voice Accessibility pay attention to commands while the display gets on, you can transform this off. When the attribute is off, it will just pay attention to commands for the initial 30 secs, hereafter, it will certainly shut down the mic.

When you get to the Voice Accessibility is currently paying attention display, you can begin utilizing commands. From below, claim “faucet following” to continue. Moving forward, you can provide the phone a range of commands. You can attempt various commands off the top of your head, or if you desire a lot more support, you can look into the thorough command listed here.

Standard as well as Navigational Voice Commands

General commands

  • Open [app]
  • Return
  • Go house
  • Program alerts
  • Program Quick Setups
  • Program current applications

Voice Accessibility assistance

  • What can I claim?
  • Program all commands
  • Open up tutorial
  • Program numbers
  • Conceal numbers
  • Program tags
  • Conceal tags
  • What is [number]?
  • Quit Voice Accessibility
  • Send out comments


  • Activate Bluetooth
  • Shut Off Bluetooth
  • Show up quantity
  • Refuse quantity
  • Turn [media/alarm/phone] quantity up
  • Turn [media/alarm/phone] quantity down
  • Mute
  • Silence
  • Unmute
  • Mute [media/alarm/phone] quantity
  • Unmute [media/alarm/phone] quantity
  • Transform gadget off


You can talk commands to the Google Aide, such as:

  • Hey Google, established timer for [amount of time]
  • Hey Google, activate flashlight
  • Hey Google, when was the Realm State Structure developed?
  • Hey Google, that developed Google?

Voice Accessibility numbers

To reveal an overlay of numbers alongside all things on your display, you can claim “Program numbers.” If you aren’t certain regarding something, you can additionally claim “Program tags” to obtain pointers regarding what’s on the display.

Browse in applications

You can rapidly look in an application as long as it has a search area by claiming “Look for [shoes]”.

Solution calls

When you get a telephone call from a person, you can address the telephone call by claiming, “Solution telephone call.”

Motion Commands

Touch motions

  • Faucet [OK]
  • [OK]
  • Long-press
  • Turn On
  • Turn Off
  • Expand [notification]
  • Collapse [notification]

Swipe motions

  • Scroll [up, down, left, right]
  • Scroll [up, down, left, right] on
  • Scroll to top
  • Scroll to base
  • Swipe forwards
  • Swipe in reverse

Grid Choice

Instead of choosing certain things, there is additionally the alternative to browse utilizing a grid.

  1. To begin grid option, claim “Program grid.”
  2. To make the grid larger or smaller sized, claim “Extra squares” or “Less squares.”
  3. To communicate with the grid, claim a number, or utilize commands. For instance:
    • “3”
    • “Faucet 7”
    • “Swipe right” or “Swipe left”
    • “Scroll up” or “Scroll down”
    • “Swipe 5 up”
    • “Swipe left on 12”
    • “Squeeze in”
    • “Pinch out”
  4. To conceal the grid, claim “Conceal grid.”


You can capitalize on these commands to focus or amplify the display on your Android gadget.

Begin magnifying

  • Begin magnifying
  • Begin zooming

Focus or out

  • Magnify
  • Focus
  • Enhance
  • Zoom out

Frying Pan up, down, left, or right

  • Scroll [up, down, left, right]
  • Frying Pan [up, down, left, right]
  • Relocate [up, down, left, right]
  • Go [up, down, left, right]

Quit magnifying

  • Quit magnifying
  • Quit zooming
  • Terminate zooming

Text editing and enhancing

Voice Accessibility is not just for activities, you can additionally kind, modify, as well as layout message utilizing your voice. When in operation, the attribute will certainly reveal a blue boundary around the message that can be modified. If a blue boundary is inaccessible, you can transfer to a brand-new message area by claiming the number.


  • Change [word or phrase] with your very own commands.
  • Starred commands

benefit personalities, words, sentences, lines, paragraphs, or web pages.

  • Kind message[word or phrase]
  • [word or phrase]
  • Kind
  • Reverse
  • Redo[word or phrase]Insert [word or phrase]
  • prior to [word or phrase]Insert [word or phrase]
  • after [word or phrase]Insert [word or phrase] in between [word or phrase]
  • as well as
    • Layout e-mail[email protected]Note: This command styles close-by message as an e-mail address, when possible. For instance, to layout the message “information at firm dot com” as an e-mail address (
  • ) claim “layout e-mail.”

Quit editing and enhancing

  • Change message[word or phrase]Change [word or phrase]
  • with [word or phrase]Replace whatever in between [word or phrase] as well as [word or phrase]
  • with [word or phrase]
  • Capitalize [word or phrase]
  • Capital [word or phrase]


  • Remove message
  • Remove
  • Remove all[word or phrase]
  • Remove
  • Remove to the start
  • Remove throughout
  • Remove picked message[word or phrase]Remove from [word or phrase]
  • to [3]Remove
  • words*[5]Remove the following


  • Relocate the arrow
  • Most likely to the start
  • Most likely to completion[word or phrase]
  • Relocate after [word or phrase]
  • Relocate in the past [word or phrase]Relocate in between [word or phrase]
  • as well as [4]Right
  • personalities*[6]Left


  • Select message
  • Select all message
  • Unselect all message
  • Select to the start
  • Select throughout[word or phrase]
  • Select [word or phrase]Select from [word or phrase]
  • to [5]Select
  • sentences*[6]Select the following


Cut, duplicate, as well as paste

  • Program or conceal the key-board
  • Program key-board

Conceal key-board

Quit Voice Accessibility

  • If you wish to quit Voice Accessibility, you can execute any type of among the complying with activities:
  • Touch anywhere on the display.
  • Claim, “Quit paying attention.”
  • Transform the display off. To conserve battery, Voice Accessibility instantly quits when the display is off.Open your notice color, after that faucet Touch to stop
  • .
  • If you established a Bluetooth button, you can push the button to quit Voice Accessibility.

If you switched on “Break after no speech” in Voice Accessibility setups, you can wait thirty secs.

If you wish to shut off Voice Accessibility entirely, you can head right into the Setups food selection, Availability, and afterwards browse to Voice Accessibility.

As you can see, there are a lot of commands that can obtain you via practically anything, as well as additionally there are several choices when it concerns navigating. If there are a lot of choices readily available, considering that Voice Accessibility can recognize the context of the display, you will certainly exist with location pens to make navigating much easier. You can see an instance of this in the picture to the right. From this factor on, you can proceed via the food selections, as well as when you get to completion, you will certainly have established your Android gadget utilizing Voice Accessibility.(*)

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