It is now possible to transfer your WhatsApp conversations from an iPhone to a new Samsung phone.

According to a blog post by WhatsApp, the firm has provided the option for customers to transfer their conversation history when migrating from iOS to Samsung Android smartphones. At Samsung’s Unpacked presentation in August, the company stated that the functionality will be available soon. It solves one of the more annoying aspects — or lack thereof — of WhatsApp on mobile devices. The previous version of WhatsApp’s cloud backup function kept iOS conversation records in iCloud, while Android chat histories were saved in Google Drive; as a result, transferring chat histories across phones that didn’t run the same operating system was virtually impossible.

WhatsApp points out a few important considerations in its blog post:

In the event that you are switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Android smartphone, you will be able to transfer your account information as well as your profile photo and individual and group conversation histories, media, and settings. You will not be able to transfer your call history or display name to another device.

Furthermore, you can only perform the migration during the initial setup of your new Samsung device, as the instructions from WhatsApp state that “your new Android device must be factory new or reset to factory settings” in order to allow the migration, which means that users who already have a working Samsung device would have to perform a complete factory reset on their existing Samsung device.

The previous iPhone must have WhatsApp iOS version or newer, and the new Samsung phone must have WhatsApp Android version or newer, both of which are required for the new Samsung phone. The Samsung SmartSwitch software version or greater must be loaded on the new device in order for it to function properly. You’ll also need a USB-C to Lightning cable to complete the transfer, so make sure you have one of those on hand.

The following are the procedures to be followed in order to complete the transfer:

When asked, turn on your Samsung and connect it to your iPhone via a data connection.
Follow the on-screen prompts on the Samsung Smart Switch.
Scanning using the iPhone’s camera the QR code displayed on the new Samsung smartphone will be required when requested.
On your iPhone, press the Start button and wait for the procedure to be completed.
Proceed with the configuration of your new Samsung device.
On your new smartphone’s home screen, launch WhatsApp and sign in with the same phone number that you used on your previous device.
When prompted, choose Import and wait for the procedure to be completed.
Complete the activation of your new gadget. Your WhatsApp conversations should be accessible at this point.
It is possible that your previous iPhone will still have your data after you have completed the migration, unless you uninstall WhatsApp or erase the device completely. After the migration, the transmitted data is not saved to a cloud storage service, and WhatsApp claims that it cannot see the data you move.


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