Is 128GB enough for the iPad Pro 2021? Which alternative storage should you find?

IPad Pro 11 and 12.9-inch 2021 models have recently been discovered. The new iPad is amazing, thin, and has a nice presentation. The Apple M1 processor in the iPad 2021 is a genuine force to be reckoned with, and with the 12.9-inch iPad showcasing its Mini-LED innovation, Apple’s commitment to the Pro market is extraordinary.

Harga, Spesifikasi, dan Fitur iPad Pro 2021After all, the new tablets don’t offer expandable hoarding, or else nothing really. Obviously they can interact with external drives via USB-C, but that takes away from the iPad’s hallmark – being lightweight, incredible and portable. You can also buy iCloud storage, but this quickly turns out to be more expensive than buying the larger storage variant in any case. Correspondingly, despite the fact that the iPad Pro has the best specs in the business, there’s no reason to get one if you run out of capacity.

Is 128GB enough for the iPad Pro? How much can 128GB hold?

If you’re a lightweight client and think you’ll be okay with the basic 128GB adaptation of the iPad Pro, you should reconsider. These days, apps are getting bigger and bigger in size. Regardless of whether you don’t see yourself as a force, two or three games like PUBG: Mobile or Asphalt 9: Legends will each take over 2GB.

Photos also take up a lot of space. The iPad Pro with its Liquid Retina show is ideal for reading your collection, which is not difficult to sync with your iPhone. Photos captured with an iPhone or iPad are about 1 to 2MB in size, and live photos are much larger. Footage takes up more space. If you anticipate using your new iPad Pro to store your photos and recordings, it would be good to think about the 256GB storage form.

If you use your iPad for most of your entertainment, say Netflix or Amazon Prime, and frequently download movies and TV shows so that they are accessible for you to disconnect, you will probably run out of extra space pretty quickly. the way too. Just one scene downloaded from any setting on Netflix takes up around 300MB. This implies that a full season of setup will take around 6GB. Next, imagine a scenario where you need to download an entire season as well as a whole bunch of different titles. 6 season takes up about 36GB of capacity, and that’s only for one title. If you add a few more you’ll see whatever capacity 100GB takes up, and that’s how you run out.

Is 256GB iPad Pro awesome?

Obviously, the $ 100 difference between the 128GB and 256GB variants of the new iPad Pro series is also an interesting point, but the iPad is now expensive, with a starting price of $ 799 for the 11-inch model and $ 1099 for the 12.9-inch model. . So a $ 100 savings may not be great if you’re stressed out by running out of capacity.

There’s also another important factor to consider: the more stock your iPad has, the better it will be if you choose to sell it one day or exchange it for a newer model. The base model breaks more often.

I totally accept that the 256GB form factor of the iPad Pro (2021) is a great buy.

iPad Pro (2021): do you need a 1TB form, or is 512 GB enough?

The basic response to this is most likely no, you really don’t need a 1TB form. Also, I will reveal to you why that is. 1TB capacity is great in any case, for today’s workstations. Consider that your iPad Pro uses iPadOS, not macOS. This implies that applications and games require less capacity, your framework also takes up less space. At the end of the day, isn’t 512GB too extreme?

I would imagine that if you are someone considering purchasing these two forms of iPad Pro storage, you will most likely be using your iPad for work. Breaking things down on iPad with Apple Pencil is fun, simple, and now proves to be a reliable pathway to embodying master craftsmen.

The iPad Pro also has tons of video and photo editing capabilities. It’s simple and fast to convert large blobs of video documents on a Pro tablet, but as long as this is true, you’ll also run out of 1TB. For example, a 5-minute 4K video can take up to 1.75 GB. Will you ever need to save this recording on your iPad when you can connect an external storage drive? With its Thunderbolt USB-C port, the iPad Pro can easily be matched with an SSD drive, which is a lucrative, sensible, simple answer to getting notes all over your gadget.

What’s more, last but not least, you should consider that there is a significant difference between the prices of the two storage versions of the iPad Pro. The 512GB 2021 11-inch iPad Pro costs $ 1099, and the 1TB form costs $ 1499.This is a $ 300 difference, which everyone might need to buy a very large SSD outer drive, which is something you most likely won’t need, given 512GB. now it is a ton of capacity. For the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it costs $ 1399 for the 512GB variant and $ 1799 for the 1TB one. Again, a $ 300 difference.

The 1TB version comes with 16GB of RAM instead of 8, but anyway for the current iPadOS it runs fine and sleek at 8GB. You can read our article on the RAM of the new iPad Pro.

Finally, you should note that it will cost you $ 200 less to buy the 512GB Mobile iPad Pro model, which currently has a 5G network, than to buy a 1TB Wi-Fi only model. Your decision.

As far as I’m concerned, the 512GB variant of the iPad Pro (2021) is the one that offers the best price. If you plan to change footage or / and keep a lot of photos, you’re in the ideal situation to save $ 300 and buy this one.

iPad Pro (2021) – Who needs 2TB?

If you need an iPad Pro with the highest and most expensive specs, then fine, buy the 2TB model which is the best specs for $ 2,399. Your only reason to buy a 2TB iPad Pro is if you really want to convert video and plan to use it instead of a MacBook or PC. And also, if you really don’t care about using an outside drive for your work. Otherwise … that’s not wise speculation.


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