The Japanese version of the September 2022 Nintendo Direct has a brand-new video game from Square Enix that did disappoint up on the American stream. Ketsugou Danshi (Binding Young boys), much better understood by the offered English caption Aspects with Feelings, will certainly be readily available on Nintendo Change in Japan in 2023.

Aspects with Feelings will certainly include personalities with powers based on chemical aspects like Hydrogen and also Oxygen. The tale will certainly occur in a globe that will certainly see an end ofthe world in 50 days. The gamer will certainly take care of the bonds in between these personalities and also regulate them from behind the scenes to eliminate the opponents.

The chemical aspects will certainly play extra consider this video game, as personalities can incorporate their capabilities based upon the real-life substances. For instance, boosting the bonds in between the Hydrogen and also Beryllium personalities will certainly boost the Beryllium Hydride (BeH2) ability, which enhances a personality’s assault power. When the Hydrogen, Carbon, and also Oxygen personalities assault with each other, it will certainly create the Carbonic Acid (H2CARBON MONOXIDE3) assault.

While the video game has several personality ports teased, it will just release with the complying with 4 personalities. The continuing to be personalities (and also aspects) will certainly need to be opened with paid DLC.

  1. Saku Minamoto, standing for Hydrogen
  2. Eito Yasukata, standing for Oxygen
  3. Rikka Kasumi, standing for Carbon
  4. Shiki Uroku, standing for Beryllium

You can locate the Japanese Nintendo Direct trailer for Ketsugou Danshi: Aspects with Feelings right listed below.

[Update]:  Square Enix has actually released their very own site and also trailer for Aspects with Feelings. While there is still no English localization introduced yet, the business exposed that the video game will certainly show up on not just Nintendo Change however likewise iphone and also Android smart phones.

The trailer likewise exposed several of the vital personnel dealing with this brand-new title. Suoh is making the video game’s personalities and also Aspects Yard is doing its soundtrack, with among the latter’s participants Noriyasu Agematsu creating the signature tune. At The Same Time, Naruki Nagakawa supervises of creating the circumstance and also globe setup.

The brand-new possessions likewise introduced the continuing to be 6 personalities that are just readily available via paid DLC. The title will certainly have 10 personalities in total amount.

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  1. Nanase Toushou, standing for Nitrogen
  2. Misora Ukiishi, standing for Lithium
  3. Jin Kurogane, standing for Iron
  4. Kuon Todoroki, standing for Fluorine
  5. Ichina Shiozuru, standing for Chlorine
  6. Izayoi Seiryu, standing for Sulfur
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