Microsoft has released the first advertisement for Windows 11, which features Halo’s Master Chief unleashing mayhem.

Microsoft today unveiled its first advertising campaign for Windows 11, in which the long-awaited operating system is given a helpful hand by Halo’s Master Chief.

Not content with just promoting Xbox, it appears that Master Chief has now scored an odd starring part in the latest commercial for Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system. The 60-second advertisement, dubbed “All Starts Now” by Odessa, uses the new Microsoft Store, Microsoft Teams, and Master Chief, among other things, to showcase the new operating system, which will be released on October 5.

Naturally, the inclusion of Halo’s Master Chief is appropriate given that numerous gaming features from the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are expected to make their way to Windows 11. The main focus of Microsoft’s advertisement, on the other hand, is on the dazzling new features that will be introduced in Windows 11.

We have no sympathy for anyone who has to explain a complicated technological product for potential customers (including us). As a result, Microsoft has created a movie in which an actress is shown wandering past walls of applications. Soon after, she chooses Xbox Game Pass, which prompts Master Chief to arrive and unleash havoc in classic Halo fashion.

A smart Microsoft promo incorporates all of the ad’s material, which goes a long way toward explaining Windows 11’s built-in support for Microsoft Teams, as well as the native system techniques that instantly update a game’s lighting and color to HDR for users with suitable displays.

The slogan for the advertisement reads, “Brings you closer to what you love.” Interestingly, Microsoft’s choice of language implies that the Windows 11 experience will be cleaner, as well as a visual overhaul that will differentiate it from the more cluttered Windows 10 interface. There isn’t much time left until the official debut of Windows 11, and we expect to see more of Master Chief as Microsoft’s new mascot, especially if it includes shooting Halo banshees out of the sky. Please keep them coming.



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