Gmail has a new design for Android, but you may have to wait a long time before you can use it.

Google Mail is getting a major aesthetic overhaul on Android, but millions of smartphone customers will have to wait a long time to see the new design on their devices – here’s why.

Those who use Gmail on their smartphones will soon be treated to a whole new design on the popular email service’s smartphone application. There are some pleasant tweaks meant to make the Gmail experience seem considerably more fluid, and Google has begun rolling out the update to those fortunate enough to have the newest Android 12 operating system installed.

Android 12 was shown in its entirety earlier this year at the Google IO developer conference in San Francisco. One of the most significant new features coming to Android users around the world is Material You, which utilizes artificial intelligence to totally customize the appearance of their smartphone based on a photo of your choosing. In addition to changing the color of buttons across Android, setting a picture as your backdrop also modifies the colors used in apps to create a fully distinct appearance.

This one-of-a-kind design is then carried across the whole system…which now includes your Gmail inbox.


The appearance of this app will be consistent with the overall style of your smartphone, with the background color and appearance of your emails altering in accordance with the system settings.

The improvements aren’t just cosmetic, though; the search field and button shapes have been softened to provide a more attractive overall appearance, as well.

Furthermore, users may note that the tab bar at the bottom of the app has been made larger than it was previously, and you can tell which area you are now reading by a highlighted pill-shaped box that glows based on what is displayed on the screen.


Some early users have already uploaded images of how the new Gmail app appears, and although it does appear to be a refreshing change, don’t get too excited if you like what you see.


Even though Android 12 is anticipated to be released shortly, millions of phones may not receive the Material Design update until next year, according to some estimates.



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