Tim Riset OnePlus dan Oppo Merger, Pabrikan Lain Wajib WaspadaThe two companies announced today that OnePlus will integrate “further” with Oppo, five months after the two companies decided to merge their separate R&D teams.In other words, the two companies have merged.

OnePlus continues to work on its own.

The two smartphone companies share their staff and resources, as they did more quietly in the past, according to the rules of their deepening relationship. However, OnePlus can function “autonomously.”

OnePlus has been working discreetly with Oppo for years and this new move appears to be more commercial in nature, so, from a consumer standpoint, it should not change. For the moment at least, however,

OnePlus claimed in a statement that the recently announced merger will “have more resources available that will make you even better.” The move must also make it “efficient, for instance, to upgrade its cellphones more quickly and more securely”

However, it remains to be seen how it aims to do this. OnePlus and Oppo are presently working with separate software teams, such that it is difficult to see how this can be done until they are tightly integrated in the future.

The OnePlus-Oppo merger could potentially lower the price of OnePlus phones.Nord 2 will probably be a newly renamed Realme X9 Pro — Realme is another Oppo company — and Nor N100 was a new Oppo A53 last year.

Only time will tell what the actual outcome of this merger will be for customers.But currently, it appears like the next Huawei and Honor are Oppo and OnePlus.

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