The Xbox Series X will soon be able to be operated through a television remote.

According to an Xbox Insider, Microsoft’s next-generation consoles will include greater HDMI-CEC capabilities.

Apparently, Xbox Program Manager Brad Rossetti just said on Twitter that you will soon be able to manage your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console using a standard remote control. You read that correctly. If you’re one of the fortunate owners of one of Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the headache of continuously swapping between your controller and a television remote.

According to Rossetti, Microsoft has been tasked with allocating its Xbox Insiders to test new HDMI-CEC functionality, which will let users to navigate via the Xbox dashboard using their television remotes. This should result in a more smooth experience when controlling streaming applications like as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and other similar services.

However, while both the Xbox Series X and S consoles have previously featured some HDMI-CEC functionality, thus far these capabilities have only enabled you to use your controller to adjust the level of your TV and switch it on while your system is starting up.

Some customers have already discovered that they are able to operate their Xbox system using their old infrared TV remotes thanks to a secret capability that has been enabled. The latest version, according to Rossetti, includes the ability for users to convert your TV input to an Xbox console using a controller as well, eliminating the need to move back and forth between your remote and controller in order to begin playing.

You may allow the usage of a TV remote with your Xbox console by going into the HDMI-CEC settings and selecting “TV & AV power choices” under “TV & AV power options.” The Alpha Xbox Insider and Alpha Skip-Ahead programs, as well as the Alpha Skip-Ahead program, are the only programs that can access this functionality at the present.

There is currently no information on when the update will be made accessible to all users, however given that Microsoft has only recently begun testing, we’ll venture a guess and suggest that it may be a while before this feature is made available to all users.



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