After launching the beta version of Samsung Internet 14 earlier last month, Samsung has now quietly shipped the last form of its portable program. A large number of the highlights found in the current beta are accessible in this delivery, including the new Flexible mode, which will show the video at the top of the screen, and the controls UI at the bottom.

On top of that, Smart Anti-Tracking gets a knock to the 3.0 variant, a really necessary upgrade that has to be secured from first-party switch-based trackers by cleaning up treats on the ordered ranges.


Samsung Internet Beta 14 brings improved multitasking, privacy tools, and  more

More importantly, Samsung Internet can now match one more sample program simultaneously via the edge board. This new component is meant to allow clients to multitask as they surf the web. Here’s how you can do it:

Send Samsung Internet.

Call the divider and tap the App Pair symbol. You can then immediately send more than one Samsung Internet program window.

Depending on what Galaxy device you are using, you can have up to three sets of apps. From One UI 2.5, the limit of 3 application event pairs is enforced in the sections window. Apart from these significant improvements, AndroidPolice reports that some minor changes have also been added:

Increases sharp foes to follow “which naturally removes treats at reserved ranges

Another protection control board, which shows the number of pop-ups and treats has been blocked

Outline text styles apply to website pages

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: handwritten caption in text box and URL bar

Upgrade to peruser mode

Augmentation of the current program interpretation upholds 18 dialects

To get all the benefits of Samsung Internet 14, simply update the program application via Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

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