Samsung is working on a 576-megapixel camera sensor.

However, it is possible that it will not reach your smartphone.

Samsung appears to be planning to push the boundaries of photo sensor technology even farther. The firm aims to deploy a 576MP sensor in four years, which will significantly improve its image capabilities.

SEMI Europe Summit attendees were treated to a presentation by Haechang Lee, Samsung’s senior vice president for automotive sensors, who discussed the company’s plan for image resolutions. A 576MP sensor would be available on the market by 2025, as revealed by the company’s plan, which was uncovered by the website Image Sensors World.

Samsung, on the other hand, did not specify any specific applications for the sensor. There have been rumors that it may be utilized in driverless cars, drones, and virtual reality, among other applications. However, this does not rule out the potential of seeing a big image sensor of this size on mobile devices in a few years’ time.

Yongin Park, leader of Samsung’s sensor business unit under the LSI division, said last year that his team was working on a 600MP camera sensor that would be able to capture more information than the human eye. In an editorial essay, he stated that the resolution of the naked eye is equivalent to around 500 megapixels.

Samsung was reportedly supposed to be working on a 600MP sensor for future smartphones in December, according to reports. In comparison, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, which is considered one of the finest Android phones, has a camera resolution that is over six times higher.

The latest discovery underscores the increased effort being made by the technology giant in the megapixel battle. The new ISOCELL HP1 camera sensor from Sony is the world’s first 200MP camera sensor for smartphones, according to the company. Consequently, an image sensor three times larger than that would not be such a far-fetched prospect a few years down the road.



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