Samsung SmartThings Find now allows others to assist you in locating your misplaced gadgets.

More than 100 million find nodes have been discovered by the service, marking a new milestone.

With the addition of a new feature to its SmartThings Find service, Samsung is allowing you to crowdsource your hunt for misplaced gadgets. Announcing the expansion coincides with the service’s most recent milestone, which was reached less than a year after it was first established, when it reached 100 million locate nodes.

With the introduction of SmartThings Find Members, a new feature has been added to the service. It is intended to allow you to contact outside assistance if you are unable to locate your misplaced belongings. In order to do so, you’ll need to invite individuals you trust, such as your friends and family, to your SmartThings account so that they may assist you in tracking down lost or stolen devices that have a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ connected to them.

It is possible to locate up to 200 devices at the same time when using the new function, which allows you to invite up to 19 others to assist you. You will be able to decide which devices they can track and which device locations they can observe as long as you maintain control over them.

It is not totally new in the tracker area that this latest feature is available. You may now share your Tile tracker with others, increasing the probability that your missing item will be located. This feature has been available since 2015.

Google has also been seen working on a similar function for its ‘Find My Device’ network, which was recently discovered. It would apparently allow you to designate a “co-owner” who would be responsible for retrieving your lost gadget if it was discovered. You may find this to be an advantageous choice if you are not immediately accessible to pick up the item.

Samsung’s new device location-sharing function, albeit a little late to the party, provides a handy method to share the position of your lost earphones or Android smartwatch exclusively with individuals you can trust.



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