Sony Xperia system update complete on display

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Smooth Update performance has actually been about on Android for many years currently, allowing a system upgrade mount behind-the-scenes and after that asking individuals to merely reboot to use the upgrade.

Some firms like Samsung still don’t sustain Smooth Updates, however. Yet it arised recently that Google will certainly apply an essential adjustment that might result in this upgrade approach being obligatory on Android. So with all that in mind, we assumed it would certainly be an excellent suggestion to ask visitors whether their phones sustained Smooth Updates to begin with. Below’s exactly how you addressed the study.

Does your phone assistance Smooth Updates?


Over 2,500 ballots were tallied to day, and also it ends up that the solitary most preferred choice was “I don’t understand” (40.35%). We’re presuming that some participants that elected by doing this merely aren’t accustomed to the idea of Smooth Updates to begin with. Moreover, system updates aren’t something you’ll manage on a daily basis, so we wouldn’t be amazed if some individuals merely neglected what upgrade approach their phones utilize.

Or Else, 31.4% of checked visitors claimed their phones don’t have Smooth Updates. It’s not a shock to see numerous participants selecting this choice as Samsung is the leading mobile phone brand name internationally and also it hasn’t welcomed this upgrade approach right now.

Lastly, 28.26% of surveyed visitors claimed their phones did without a doubt assistance Smooth Updates. A minimum of one visitor kept in mind in the remarks that they had a OnePlus phone that sustained the attribute. Yet it stands to factor that that elected this choice had phones from the similarity Google, Xiaomi, and/or various other brand names.


  • M Hector: The smooth upgrade technique appears helpful, particularly since it is feasible to toggle back to the previous functioning dividing. Yet likewise, properly or inaccurately, it obtains every person considering allowing Google take care of OS updates straight, like do Microsoft and also Apple. This was a significant marketing factor for me for the Windows phone, and also is likewise really appealing with the apple iphone.
  • Bobby: Doesn’t matter what Google does, as long as the firms like Xiaomi, oppo OnePlus don’t share Google’s vision it’ll be fragmented permanently. Hell also the pixels obtain 3 is updates. Just Samsung is supplying 4. I obtain safety and security updates on my 20months old s21ultra much faster than the Google safety and security on a monthly basis. In my eyes just Samsung and also Google are the actual Android gamers that intend to introduce. Relax all remain in for service. It’s a pity that Apple is giving 6 os updates and also Android barey obtains 3.
  • Cryio: OnePlus has smooth updates, lol. Every person else I see has actually that terrible embeded BIOS display when updating and after that lots of “enhancing applications, 1 out of 500” when the phone boot. I have neither of those troubles on my OnePlus.
  • disqus_d1b9jeAcZN: What an outstanding adjustment! We will certainly conserve a lot time setting up all those system updates we regularly get. Jokes apart, it’s excellent to make every effort to be much better, however I’ve never ever assumed for also a minute that I was investing much time being cut off as a result of an upgrade. I wouldn’t have actually begun the upgrade unless I had downtime.

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