There are those that believe that it is unworthy investing such a quantity for a smart device with the substantial variety of low-cost choices that you can locate with Android under the os. This debate is absolutely legitimate, considering that not everybody maximizes the powers of the tool they have in their hand, although if you are among those that press all the choices that it conceals within, there is an engaging reason that you would certainly pick a iPhone.

An iPhone is synonymous with the future

The main asset that makes the mobile phones of the American brand a safe bet is the huge number of updates they receive compared to Android. Those that work with the system developed by Google receive a maximum of up to 4 new versions in the case of the most generous companies such as Samsung.

Instead, taking a look at the iPhone models compatible with the new iOS 16 update, one can see that the oldest to brag about the news of the software is the iPhone 8. This is a smartphone that landed on the market around September 22, 2017, that is, there are 5 years of system updates.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the apple program evolution its alot more advanced than Android in terms of new features. A clear example of this is the little innovation that there is from Android 12 to the current Android 13 version, where only certain aspects have been polished and some functions have been added that have not generated much expectation either, as Material You did last year.

On iOS everything is completely different. The latest update of the iPhone operating system comes loaded with news very prominent, such as the customizable lock screen, cropping images by AI, isolation mode for better security, photo search… Endless functions designed to get the most out of your phone.

The price dilemma

The most common reason why users decide not to buy an apple iphone is due to its high price, which in recent years started from 909 euros, but with this stop the iPhone 14 generation has reached at least 1,009 euros. There is no doubt that it is a stratospheric amount, especially considering that the standard version only has 60 Hz on its screen. A ridiculous figure compared to the high end of Android.

mobile android iphone hand

However, the factor we just mentioned comes into play here, that is, the variety of updates that Apple offers. If for example last year you got the iPhone 13 you will not have to change your mobile as much as at least 2027. That is if you want to continue receiving brand-new variations of the system. Otherwise, you can put up with it even longer, since the performance of smartphones by the Cupertino company withstands the passage of time extremely well.

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