One Strike Male was when a viral webcomic; it was after that become an acclaimed Manga and also anime collection. Our cherished Caped Baldy, Saitama, is the toughest on the planet, surprising conspiring bad guys in a solitary strike. Currently we have actually a formally accredited and also overseen One Strike Male: The Greatest mobile video game making a great disagreement that it is among the most effective anime Android video games to get here in 2022. In One Strike Male: The Strongest, you’ll develop a group of heroes, hooligans, and also bad guys to shield the residents from havoc-causing beasts, and also the initial VA actors from the anime collection is right here, so see to it to play the video game with your favored set of cordless earbuds.


Saitama will not have the ability to bail you out of every scenario, so it depends on you to find out the ins and also outs of maintaining residents secure while cleaning up the city from the hazardous baddies waiting. This is why we have actually generated a newbie’s overview to aid every person end up being the following globe’s toughest superhero (or bad guy). Listed below we cover exactly how the fight system functions, crucial upgrade systems, and also employment, in addition to some important suggestions and also techniques that every novice need to understand when playing.

Turn-based fight system

You can stand up to 6 personalities in your schedule at the same time. Ports are opened as your account (group) degree rises. You’ll pick 3 personalities in the front row and also 3 in the back row; it just matters where you position your personalities if you wish to avoid your back row from taking damages. Your front-liners will certainly take all the hits till the entire front row is erased.

Every personality includes a collection of abilities: a passive, a fundamental assault, and also an utmost. Making use of an utmost calls for power; power is a common factor system. So if you’re spamming ultimates, several of your personalities will certainly lose out on utilizing their utmost. Power is gotten each turn with your passives, so you’ll intend your approach around the number of power factors you’ll hand over out every turn.

Just how auto-play jobs

You will not open auto-play for fights till you have actually finished the tutorial. Auto-battling gives some control whenever you require it; you can interfere in the targeting and also pick which device to focus on fundamental assaulting or utmost use. To switch on the auto-battler, faucet on Handbook on top.

Creating a group

Creating the utmost group takes persistence and also good luck. To get the majority of the personalities, you need to dip right into this video game’s gacha system. We have actually laid out exactly how you can obtain some giveaways, exactly how employment functions, and also the group harmony you’ll require to think about when you have actually collected sufficient items.

Just how to obtain even more personalities

You can hire some personalities totally free simply by visiting for 7 days, playing with occasions, and also finishing phases in the tale. Not all personality power degrees are equivalent, so prepare to ditch your N and also R rarities as you collect SR and also SSR personalities.

To hire personalities through gacha, you require Brave Coupons and also Superb Vouchers. You can get Brave Coupons by investing Treasures or gain them by playing. To begin mobilizing on the banner, you’ll draw in songs or 10-pulls; both banners use various prices and also somewhat various personality swimming pools, yet do not hesitate to invest your coupons as quickly as you get some!

Group vibrations

While creating your schedule (faucet Personality > Schedule), you can open Core Abilities. Core Abilities is the general group enthusiast you’ll bring right into every fight; the default is Justice Power I. Your Core Abilities open if they fulfill the needs. Needs are satisfied by having specific personality kinds positioned in your schedule.

Every personality has a kind, and also you can watch the kind by the symbol beside a personality’s picture. Blending kinds is the method to go, as this will certainly guarantee you have actually a triggered fundamental Core Ability and also an innovative one collection.

Crucial upgrade systems for account development

You merely cannot overlook updating your personalities. Or else, you’ll obtain mauled by managers and also stand no possibility of winning in the Field (your personalities are secured to auto-battle while dealing with in the Field). So right here’s a fast run-through of which upgrade systems are readily available very early video game.

Your degree cap

Every personality has a degree cap; to enhance it, you need to develop that personality. Development boosts base statistics and also calls for materials/to get to the cap. To level up your personalities, you can get experience in fight or usage EXP things.

Restriction splitting

Restriction damaging devices enhance their celebrity degree; you get limitation break badges taking part in manager difficulties and also discovering personality fragments. Restriction breaks enhance your base statistics and also unlock passive abilities after getting to 2 celebrities.

Educating your abilities

Honing your abilities is foregone conclusion. Educating rises your ability statistics by arbitrarily dispersing Ability Things. You can get Ability Things, and also you acquire some by progressing. As soon as you get to a restriction for your abilities, you can enhance the ability limitation to up the degree limitation.

Tips and also techniques to coming to be the utmost hero/villain

  • Rate stat is essential; it figures out exactly how quick you act in fight.
  • Rub up prior to shooting an utmost; constantly optimize your hit.
  • Utilize a combination of column and also row opponents to enhance your assault variety (go for complete insurance coverage).
  • Bring upon condition components for easy damages; Genos can shed his challengers!
  • Insurance claim every upper body on the map; every product is required for updating.
  • Get in touch with Saitama’s One Strike, basically your get-out-of-jail-free card for tough/repetitious fights.
  • Increase your account (group) degree, do this by finishing Pursuits.

One Strike Male: The Strongest is a loyal adjustment

It’s not each day you’ll see mobile video games that revive the initial VAs from a prominent anime while the Manga author monitors growth. So if you’re currently a follower of One Strike Male, you’ll wish to dive right into One Strike Male: The Strongest to delight in every one of the fanservice you’ll locate in this mobile version, which is why we have actually consisted of the download web link in the widget listed below.

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