Component of the charm of playing via gacha video games like Genshin Effect as well as Tower of Dream is accumulating all the various personalities, expanding your lineup as well as obtaining a selection of methods to manage opponents. 

The personalities in Tower of Dream function a bit in a different way than in lots of various other fantastic Android video games, however when it pertains to accumulating these the concept right here continues to be the very same. As gamers utilize the mobilizing system, they’ll be accumulating Simulacra, which are personalities that include a tool. If you’re uncertain that you ought to be intending to accumulate, we’re right here to aid. We have actually placed the very best personalities in Tower of Dream, outlining what makes them each unique. 

Tower of Dream: The number of personalities exist?

(Picture credit score: Degree Infinite)

Now, there are 18 personalities — or Simulacrum — in Tower of Dream. The in-game rarity system is presently split right into SSR as well as SR, which would certainly be the matching of 5 as well as four-star personalities in Genshin Effect, specifically. Presently, there are 13 SSR personalities as well as 5 SR personalities, however we anticipate that to alter in the future as the lineup expands.

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