Twitter added options for transferring and viewing images which are great for both Android and iOS

Twitter is chasing Facebook for the title of the world’s most toxic informal community, not for the absence of features that would prevent a large number of its clients from being mean to others, but also for the fact that it occasionally turns down clients who violate ToS (Terms of Service).

Twitter Launches a Redesign | by Kay Dianne | Medium

Twitter adds an alternative for transferring and viewing great images on Android and iOS

A month ago, Twitter announced that it had started testing another element that would allow Android and iOS clients to transfer high-purpose images. This element is easily accessible to select clients, is chosen arbitrarily by Twitter, and allows them to choose when to stack or transfer great pictures on their mobile: mobile or Wi-Fi.

More than a month after the first declaration, Twitter made it clear that the alternative to transferring and viewing 4K images on Android and iOS is now accessible to everyone. To start using the new component, try changing your tendencies in the “Information usage” setting, especially if you are using the covered information plan.

You may have to trust that Twitter will implement the new options for your phone, or you can try refreshing the app via the Google Play Store or App Store. When you view alternatives in the Data usage settings, you will have the option to view and transfer images up to 4096 x 4096 in size on the Twitter portable app.

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