Twitter is experimenting with new labels for bot accounts and automatically generated tweets.

Not every message on Twitter is authored by a human, and Twitter has determined that it would be a good idea to mark automated tweets created by bots, which are now being tested.

According to Engadget, Twitter is now testing new labels that will make it apparent when a tweet has been automated by a bot. Developer accounts will be able to use these labels, according to the report. The labels include a robot head image and the words “Automated by,” “Automated,” or “Automated by.”

According to a post from Twitter, the test was successful and that “we’re making it simpler to recognize #GoodBots and their automated Tweets with new labels. ” Initially, roughly 500 developer accounts will be granted access to the labels, but by the end of 2021, all developer accounts will be able to make use of them. For the time being, these are only labels that developers can choose to use, and they are not available to users who are not developers. That means there is no requirement to identify automated bot tweets, and there is currently no way to do so for non-developers (at least, not yet?).

After a while, we could see this being a regular feature of the platform, which would automatically flag any automated tweets by default. A significant reduction in the efficacy of harmful bot accounts, which may now operate under the radar and disseminate disinformation, would result from this. Twitter is reportedly working on misinformation labels, so why not combine them with a bot label to make a more powerful statement? A tweet that has been flagged as potentially having false information and identified as originating from a bot would be considerably more difficult to take seriously by anyone who reads it.



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