Wear OS now supports Google Pay in even more countries, allowing for contactless purchases to be made.

People will be able to make payments using their Wear OS watches in greater numbers.

The introduction of the Galaxy Watch 4 has provided an opportunity for Google to showcase some of the new app experiences that will be available with the upcoming Wear OS 3 upgrade. Material You-based redesigns of Google Pay and other applications are underway, and Google has also stated that it would be expanding support for other countries in the coming months.

As of right now, Google Pay only enables contactless payments on Wear OS in a small number of countries, according to the company. A total of 16 new nations have been added to the list by Google, including the following:

Belgium Brazil Chile Croatia Czech Republic (sometimes spelled Czechoslovakia) Finland, Denmark, and Sweden Hong Kong, Ireland, and the United Kingdom New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean. Norway Slovakia Sweden Ukraine, Taiwan, and Hong Kong Emirates of the United Arab Emirates

Support will also be available for devices other than the Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS 3. Owners of the finest Wear OS watches in the above countries will be able to make payments directly from their watches, and Google has stated that support for other countries will be added in the near future.

Aside from the enhancements coming to Wear OS 3, the addition of Google Pay compatibility will go a long way toward improving the entire wearable experience. The upgrade to Google Pay for Wear OS users will appear “in the coming weeks,” and it will include a new style that will make saved cards bigger on the watch display and simpler to swipe through, as well as other improvements.

Google announced this week that Google Pay is now available on Wear OS devices in an additional ten countries, bringing the total number of countries where Google Pay is available to a total of 20. Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, and Singapore are among the nations that have signed the agreement. This raises the overall number of nations supported to 37, an increase from 36 before.


In approved countries, Wear OS watch owners who wish to utilize Google Pay may do so by downloading the Google Pay mobile application, which can be found in the Wear OS Play Store. From there, they can begin making mobile payments from their wrist.



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