A tiny yet shocking discovery that originated from Dragon Round Super: Super Hero was the quick look of (an image of) Vomi, that you might have discovered looks a fair bit like Android 21 from Dragon Round FighterZ. That specifically is she? Why does she resemble Android 21? Is she canon currently? Allow’s respond to these concerns.

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ComingSoon spoiler alert

That is Vomi?

Vomi is a Red Bow researcher and also the other half of Dr. Gero. Therefore, she’s Dr. Hedo’s granny and also the mommy of Gevo — the individual that Android 16 would certainly be based upon, in addition to a 2nd kid that would certainly end up being Hedo’s moms and dad. She was extremely smart, and also held the setting of scientist at Red Bow.

Vomi can be fulfilled in Dragon Round Z: Kakarot, where she helps Pill Corp. under Dr. Short. Offered Vomi isn’t active generally collection’ timeline now, her look is a little bit complicated, yet fascinating nevertheless.

Why Does Vomi Appear Like Android 21?

The factor Vomi appears like Android 21 is rather straightforward: Android 21 was based upon Vomi. While info regarding Android 21’s history is a little bit everywhere, one of the most frequently made use of backstory appears to be that Dr. Gero made her based upon the theme of his late other half.

Though 21 herself states at one factor that she was as soon as human and also was developed into an android, she’s offered clashing info regarding whether she’s an android or the genuine bargain. Considering that we’re informed Vomi is lengthy dead, however, it’s secure to presume Android 21 is her very own individual.

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Will Vomi Return in Dragon Round Super?

Offered Vomi apparently passed away long previously Dr. Gero did, the opportunities of Vomi herself showing up in the reported extension of the Dragon Round Super anime or future movies. Certain, she can constantly be desired back with the Dragon Balls, yet none of the primary personalities have a lot of a factor to particularly bring her back.

Android 21 can in theory show up and also is the most likely variation of Vomi to return. Though Android 21 has actually mostly turned up in video games (Dragon Round FighterZSuper Dragon Round Heroes: Globe Objective, and also Dragon Round Xenoverse 2), an anime launching isn’t impossible — specifically offered her appeal. With Vomi being canon, there’s no factor to think Android 21 isn’t till tried and tested or else, so one or both of these personalities returning isn’t entirely impossible.

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