The picture app in Windows 11 has been given a much-needed makeover.

According to Microsoft’s Panos Panay, a new Photos app will be included in Windows 11. Panay stated in a tweet that he was “excited to share another #Windows11 first look with you – the wonderfully revamped #PhotosApp will be arriving shortly to #WindowsInsiders.” His tweet includes a brief video showcasing a new program that appears to have a slew of enhancements over its Windows 10 counterpart, according to the video.

If I’m being really honest, this is a long delayed improvement to the Windows operating system. Due to the fact that businesses like as Google and Apple possess large smartphone platforms, it is probably not surprising that they have had greater success with pictures than Microsoft. The fact is that PCs are used by hundreds of millions of individuals who like taking photographs, and they deserve a better standard program than what is now included.

My argument for disliking Photos in its current state is as follows: It crashed when I attempted to load a picture, which I had just done when I opened it to play about in it. Not only that, but I have a difficult time navigating around it; yet, in terms of features, it is a rather basic and decent editor to work with. All of the things you need to perform on a regular basis, such as cropping, are feasible. The clunkiness of the interface is a major complaint of mine.

In order to make it a little simpler to navigate around your picture library, especially if there are many photos in it, and quickly make minor modifications to things, Microsoft is now optimizing the user interface. You can already save photos to the cloud, but I don’t utilize this feature since I don’t like for Microsoft’s OneDrive service. In addition, I already pay Apple to store the photos from my phone.

It appears to me that the most serious problem with the current version is one that extends well beyond the program itself. In the process of attempting to transition Windows from a desktop platform to a tablet platform, Microsoft has made the UI more touch friendly and tailored for tablet devices. This has resulted in a simplification of Windows applications that were previously inconvenient on a desktop. Because of a preoccupation with “simple” user interfaces, it takes more clicks to do a basic activity than it should.

As a result, I’m looking forward to seeing how Windows 11’s new picture app turns out. I’ve included a link to the tweet below so you can see the entire 23 seconds of the grand unveiling. Microsoft will have a hardware launch event on September 22nd, during which it is expected to disclose further Windows information as well as fresh new PC hardware.



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