Xiaomi matches Samsung’s great dedication to Android upgrades by introducing its own.

The Xiaomi 11T series will receive three major Android upgrades, as well as four years of security patches, in the near future.

With its great value-for-money ratio, Xiaomi has established a strong reputation in the smartphone market. However, where there is light, there is also shade, and Xiaomi smartphones are often among those that receive the fewest Android version upgrades, according to the company. That’s about to change with the release of the company’s new flagship phones, which will be revealed on September 15th. According to the company’s latest announcement, both the 11T and 11T Pro will receive three generations of Android updates as well as four years of security patches, surpassing Samsung’s recent pledge.

The company, in contrast to Samsung, which committed to bringing its new update plan to smartphones that had already been released when it made its announcement, Xiaomi is playing it safe and only pledges to the policy for its forthcoming phones. According to the company’s statement, “we are also looking into the potential of expanding the availability of the extended Android system and security updates services to additional Xiaomi devices.”

In any event, the news represents a significant first step for a firm that has previously been criticized for releasing Android upgrades that were either sluggish or non-existent. It’s also a wise decision because the company is attempting to break into the flagship market after previously concentrating on entry-level and midrange smartphones. If Xiaomi follows through on its pledge, it will be able to supply software upgrades for its Pixel series for an even longer period of time than Google, which is only able to guarantee three years of software support.

In the event that Xiaomi’s new update policy does not go as planned, the company has also devised a contingency plan, which includes a small disclaimer tacked onto its announcement, which states that the company will not be held liable “The availability of Android operating system upgrades and features may differ from device to device and from market to market, depending on the market. The availability of the update will be determined by a number of variables, including, but not limited to, the complexity of the update, local legislation, the market, and other considerations, among others.” Nonetheless, with the pledge now out in the open, we’ll be sure to let you know if there are any blunders on our part (looking at you, OnePlus).

A few years ago, the idea that any Android manufacturer would give lengthier updates to its phones than Google, save for environmentally conscious businesses like Fairphone, would have been laughed out of the room. But here we are, and I am delighted by this development.



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