You'll Soon Be Able To Unlock Your Car With Android 12's Digital Key - TechYou’ve undoubtedly forgotten the keys for those who have contemporary automobiles (looking at you Tesla owners), as your telephone performs the function of a safety token to check that you are the owner.

Today, the newest Android version of Google I/O was released and Google aims to offer a protocol to allow Phone Keys to support more phones and more types of vehicles.

The vast majority of new automobiles from well-known manufacturers such as GM, Ford, and Honda will support Android Auto Wireless today on more than 100 million vehicles.

Google claims you can lock, unlock, and even start your car from your phone with a new Digital Car key in Android 12.

You don’t even need to take your phone as a car key because Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology is used.And it is as simple as touching your phone on the car door to release it from the NFC-enabled automotive models. Because everything is digital, if you need to borrow your car, you may share your vehicle key safely and remotely with your friends and family.

Beginning later this year, on certain Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones, digital car keys will be available. We are collaborating with BMW and other organizations to bring it to their next automobile.

All right, here are the concerns I have about this ad. First of all, you must acquire a new automobile. You rarely update one automobile every few years, so you will have no chance unless you are already in the market for a new journey. Even if you do, many, many years will have passed before automakers start using this technology in each of their vehicles.

If Samsung succeeds in deploying Android 12 at record speed (later this year), millions of consumers with clever phones will have to wait for the automotive sector.

Car development cycles typically last 3-6 years, implying that they must begin immediately, even if a vehicle manufacturer is ecstatic about thrilling future buyers.At best, these new automobiles will probably not be available until 2023/24.

BMW, which has worked openly with Google, might be the exception to today’s ad.

What I can say is that the sensation of getting in and out of your automobile without friction is an outstanding experience. It seems like you outsourced the safety of your car and you just used it.

With digital keys, we can also transfer access, something we saw Tesla offer through their website’s account page. After they have entered another driver’s email, they are sent an email asking them to download and login to the Tesla Mobile App.

The security of a feature is obviously essential and we will presume that Google has addressed this.

This follows Apple’s announcement that iPhones will be used as car keys for BMWs.

When we think about how Android Auto and Apple Car Play were adopted, at first it was sluggish, but the white flag was ultimately raised, acknowledging that their infotainment features were sucking in and handing over the reins to the more flexible mobile platform.

I am really excited about seeing automakers and mobile providers (Google and Apple) work together to the advantage of customers, and the functionality is extremely enjoyable and it gives you a true feeling of being alive in the future.

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