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Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The smart device slimness battle has actually mored than for several years currently generally. This duration of mobile growth saw numerous business proclaim ultra-thin layouts, although this usually included concessions (generally smaller sized batteries).

However, we wished to know whether Android Authority customers still appreciated smart device density, as well as below’s what you informed us in the succeeding survey.

Do you appreciate smart device density?


Over 4,800 ballots were cast in this survey at the time of creating, providing us a great example dimension to deal with. One of the most preferred choice? Well, 41.7% of participants stated they just didn’t appreciate a phone’s density.

This is a rather fascinating position, as a thick phone can clearly be a little difficult for some. However several thick phones on the marketplace (like the S22 Ultra as well as Pixel 6 Pro) additionally bring fringe benefits like premium cam systems as well as larger batteries. And also, there are absolutely some customers that such as a heftier, much more considerable style.

In 2nd area was “A slim phone behaves to have yet not a needs to” (36.23%). Various other factors to consider plainly precede for these customers, yet they wouldn’t grumble in any way if their wishlist was involved a slim plan.

Completing the platform was “Yes, it’s one of numerous factors to consider,” making up 17.83% of the ballot. Lastly, simply 4.25% of checked visitors stated a slim phone was their “primary factor to consider.”

When we checked out the survey from a various angle, we can see that practically 80% of participants claim they don’t care concerning a slim phone or believe it’s just good to have.


  • Beardednomad: No yet it depends. It’s even more concerning hand feeling than density.
  • Gregory Tschirhart: I’ve had mobile phones given that they initially began making them. I desire a phone that is tough as well as able to endure a bit of misuse. However, I do not desire a block in my pocket neither. The phone requires to be relatively versatile, so regarding remain in my pocket without breaking in fifty percent.
  • jimx2: Desire they’d quit making cam bumps as well as simply make the whole phone as thick as it requires to be with a bigger battery
  • NESter: Am I the just one that despises just how slim phones are? They’re tough to hold. I placed a huge thick sturdy instance on mine on the first day, not simply to secure it. Additionally I’d take a week of battery life in a thick phone that’s tough any type of day. These pretty little wafers we have today are unattractive to me.
  • Milan Svitek: I truthfully would like it if producers stuck closer to the 10mm variety as opposed to attempting to drop to 9…8…7mm … Heck, didn’t Vivo make a phone much less than 5mm thick!? Then it’s downright awkward to hold! Provide me a larger battery to drive a brighter display as well as take your paper-thin item of glass back. I don’t desire it. I’m happy that Google maintained my Pixel a little bit chunkier last gen. It’s means much more comfy to hold
  • Vulpes: Anything under concerning 8mm appears unneeded. Over 9mm though as well as I do believe I discover laid-up. Don’t make use of situations given that I appreciate the functional designs of making use of a phone primarily. So yes I absolutely care, yet various other aspects are more vital – also pertaining to the physical measurements, such as size as well as weight or perhaps side form.
  • mckillio: I definitely care as well as would certainly like my phone to be concerning 8mm. Thicker phones additionally indicate larger phones as well as phones are simply also hefty nowadays offered their massive dimensions. With any luck we’ll obtain strong state batteries in the coming years as well as we won’t need to endanger.
  • needa: I care a whole lot concerning it. I can’t stand the heft as well as density of my op9 . However what can you do? Absolutely nothing.
  • JL: Don’t care concerning density. Never ever did. I simply desire the phone to do amazing things. I constantly placed a sturdy battery instance on my phones anyhow. I care mainly concerning feature over type.
  • Richard Quist: It’s one of numerous factors to consider. I desire the phone to really feel strong, yet be something I can conveniently hold as well as position in a pocket without seeming like I am lugging block around.

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